Election Petition Tribunal : Atiku Supporters Raise Alarms Over Judiciary’s Non Independence 

Supporters of former Vice President and the  presidential candidate of the People’s Democratic Party, Atiku Abubakar have raised the alarm over  the perceived compromise   of judicial independence.


These fears have been ignited by the emergence of allegations surrounding President Bola Tinubu’s influence on the judiciary in the past.


The Non-Governmental Organization, Face Of Waziri-Nigeria (FOWN), raised the alarm,saying  the independence of the judiciary might be compromised under the current administration led by President Tinubu.


The  group  accused President Tinubu of having  a history of meddling in judicial affairs.


The group claimed that the  suspension of Justice Isa Ayo Salami, the former President of the Court of Appeal, serves as a stark illustration of this alleged interference. 


The suspension, FOWN claims, was a consequence of Justice Salami’s purported involvement in manipulating legal proceedings to favor President Tinubu’s political interests – a move that reportedly aided the Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN) in securing governorship seats in Ekiti and Osun States.


In a strongly-worded statement released just days ago, Mr. Bukky Adeniyi, the Director-General of FOWN, minced no words in his critique of President Tinubu’s methods.


 Adeniyi pointedly remarked that President Tinubu’s modus operandi appears rooted in a willingness to employ coercion and force to accomplish his objectives, regardless of the potential ramifications for democratic principles and the rule of law.


The organization issued a stark caution to the Nigerian populace, urging citizens to temper their expectations when it comes to the actions of the current administration. 


With a track record rife with allegations of election result manipulation, tampering with electronic voting systems, and orchestrating the misappropriation of mandates, President Tinubu’s approach to the judiciary raises eyebrows and heightens concerns about undue influence on legal processes.


Furthermore, FOWN’s statement included a striking analysis of President Tinubu’s tenure as Governor of Lagos State.


 The organization accused him of purging competent deputies, appointing figurehead replacements, and exploiting state resources for personal gain. 


This narrative, according to FOWN, underscores a larger pattern of behavior, suggesting that President Tinubu has consistently sought to mold the political landscape according to his own vision.


As these allegations reverberate, the atmosphere surrounding the ongoing election tribunal is charged with anticipation and anxiety. 


Atiku supporters find themselves teetering on the precipice of uncertainty, grappling with the potential ramifications of a compromised judiciary. 


The fervent hope is that the hallowed principles of justice and independence will prevail, unshaken by any external pressures or undue influences, ultimately safeguarding the integrity of Nigeria’s democratic foundations.


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