Emir Sanusi Urges Nigerians to Stand Strong Against Political Intimidation

In a candid reflection on the current state of affairs in the nation, the 14th Emir of Kano, Sanusi Lamido Sanusi II, has  advised Nigerians not to tolerate the undue influence and disregard shown by politicians.


Emir Sanusi stresses the significance of resisting intimidation from both the presidency and governors, asserting that citizens should hold these political figures accountable for their actions.


In a widely circulated video, Emir Sanusi passionately addresses the masses, emphasizing that political leaders must not be permitted to wield unchecked power without accountability. 


He underscores the potential consequences of allowing politicians to go unchallenged, cautioning that future generations might not have a nation to call their own if present shortcomings persist.


The former governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria, Emir Sanusi, acknowledges that choosing not to engage in politics does not diminish an individual’s worth or their right to express their views. 


He encourages fellow Nigerians to shed their apprehension and raise their voices against unjust actions.


Emir Sanusi asserts, “As Nigerians, we have tolerated excessive disrespect for too long, often out of fear from our comfort zones. If we continue down this path, our children may inherit a nation in turmoil.”


He implores fellow citizens, particularly the youth, to embrace their civic duty by holding politicians accountable for their actions. 


Emir Sanusi advocates for collective action to safeguard the future of the nation, affirming that only through active involvement and vigilance can Nigeria be molded into the country its people deserve.


Emir Sanusi’s words resonate as a call to action, urging Nigerians to transcend intimidation, demand accountability, and actively participate in shaping the destiny of their beloved nation.

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