Emotional Anguish For 2,500 OLARMS Applicants: One Year On, Promised Title Documents Remain Elusive

Frustration Grows Among Homeowner Charter Applicants As Hope Dwindles Over Title Documents  Five Years After


….5,000 Applicants May Get Documents Soon- Govt.


Daud Olatunji 

In what can only be described as an emotional rollercoaster, the fate of 2,500 applicants who eagerly paid millions to obtain their much-awaited title documents through the Ogun Land Administration and Management System (OLARMS) has taken a heart-wrenching turn as they find themselves stranded, one year after their payments to the government. 

PLATFORM TIMES’s findings revealed that  there were 2,500  applicants of OLARMS  who placed their trust in the system, but, are now left in a state of uncertainty and despair.

Recalls that the  story of OLARMS  began with hope and optimism as the individuals, like many others, believed in the promise of a streamlined and efficient process under OLARMS.

 With the vision of a responsive government, they took the plunge and invested their hard-earned money into securing their title documents, a vital step in asserting their land ownership.

However, what was supposed to be a straightforward journey to obtaining their title documents has become a nightmare of endless waiting and shattered expectations. 

Findings showed that despite their persistent efforts and attempts to reach out to the government, these 2,500 applicants have faced nothing but disappointment, as they continue to grapple with the absence of positive responses from the authorities.

What makes this situation even more disheartening is the stark contrast between the present government’s promises and its actions. 

The current administration had vowed to rectify the inadequacies of the previous regime and ensure that every OLARMS applicant would receive the attention and assistance they deserve. 

However, many applicants who spoke with PLATFORM TIMES expressed fear  that the commitment has been nothing more than empty words, as the title documents remain frustratingly out of reach.

PLATFORM TIMES can report that 2,500 applicants wait in agony and asking  why the government has yet to fulfill its obligations and issue the much-awaited title documents.

Frustration Grows Among Homeowner Charter Applicants as Hope Dwindles Over Title Documents  Five Years After 

PLATFORM TIMES gathered that thousands of applicants who eagerly awaited their Homeowner Charter title documents in the wake of former Governor Ibikunle Amosun’s tenure have found their hopes slowly fading away, more than five years after his departure from office. 

This prolonged uncertainty and frustration have left many questioning the status of their hard-earned homeownership aspirations.

Speaking with PLATFORM TIMES, several of these applicants expressed their growing concerns, with fears that the arduous process they navigated during Amosun’s administration might be invalidated under the current leadership of Governor Dapo Abiodun.

The Homeowner Charter programme, initiated by former Governor Amosun, was aimed at facilitating property ownership for numerous residents across the state. 

However, the transition of power to Governor Abiodun brought about a period of ambiguity, with the fate of pending title documents left hanging in the balance.

Applicants who had invested significant time and resources into the application process are now confronting a challenging reality, as their dreams of secure homeownership face prolonged delays and potential setbacks.

One concerned applicant, Mrs. Adeola Ogunleye, recounted her experience, stating, “I applied for the Homeowner Charter during Amosun’s tenure with the hope of finally securing my property title. 

“However, the years have passed, and there’s no sign of progress. I fear that the new administration might have different plans, and my efforts could go to waste.”

The lingering uncertainty surrounding the fate of these title documents has prompted demands for more transparency and communication from the state government. 


Ogun  To Distribute 5,000 Certificates of Occupancy With Significant Discounts


In a move to expedite the distribution of Certificates of Occupancy (C of Os) in Ogun State, an unnamed official has revealed that the government aims to provide up to 5,000 C of Os to eligible applicants by the end of the month. 

The official, speaking on condition of anonymity, disclosed that a high-level directive from the governor’s office has spurred round-the-clock efforts to meet this ambitious target.

The official stated, “As it stands right now, I won’t lie to you; let’s say before this month runs out, we would be distributing up to 5,000 C of Os. 

“We are working tirelessly to meet the governor’s mandate, and we don’t have any option but to do it.”

“This initiative aims to rectify disparities in C of O distribution that existed during the previous administration, particularly focusing on areas like Laderin, secretariat complex, side A, side B, and new towns like Ilaro, Ogijo, and Shimawa.

“These regions faced controversies and discrepancies in the past, and the current government is committed to rectifying the situation by offering a 50% discount to eligible applicants.

The Property Registration Program (PRP), Homeowner Chapter (HOC), and other associated projects are central to this effort. 

While there are approximately 2,500 applicants for the PRP, the process is not open to all lands in Ogun State, as it is primarily focused on rectifying historical inequities in C of O distribution.

The official emphasized that this initiative is not aimed at generating substantial revenue for the government, especially given the current economic challenges. 

However, it is expected that once C of Os are issued and the program garners more participation, the government may consider reducing fees to make it more accessible to the public.

Under the previous administration led by Amosun, the cost of the C of O application form was N5,000, and submission required N10,000.

The current fees for C of O issuance vary depending on the type of land, with government-owned land requiring higher payments, often ranging between N200,000 and N300,000.

It is anticipated that reducing the fees may encourage more individuals to apply for C of Os, potentially resulting in a higher overall turnover.

 This programme  involves various government departments, including the town planning office, general revenue, tech hub, and the ministry of finance.


Abiodun  Revamps HomeOwner Charter, Promises Order Legitimacy

In a significant move aimed at fostering urban development and addressing inconsistencies in the housing sector, Abiodun  had  unveiled plans to review and revamp the Home Owner Charter (HOC) programme, originally implemented by the previous administration under Ibikunle Amosun.

This announcement comes after Governor Abiodun’s pledge made in July 2021 to thoroughly evaluate the Home Owner Charter, with the aim of rectifying past irregularities and ensuring a more consistent and efficient housing initiative.

During the official announcement, Governor Abiodun, through his Commissioner for Physical Planning and Urban Development, Olatunji Odunlami, expressed the administration’s commitment to maintaining a transparent and streamlined process for homeowners.

 He acknowledged the positive aspects of the Home Owner Charter, which allowed building owners to regularize their property documents after construction was completed. 

It provided a unique opportunity for those with previously illegal structures to legitimize their properties while simultaneously increasing government revenue.

However, Odunlami criticized the charter’s shortcomings during the Amosun administration, highlighting its failure to effectively improve living conditions and address slum development. 

He stressed the importance of bringing order to the chaotic housing situation before granting legitimacy to homeowners.

Furthermore, the administration introduced an online registration system as a key reform in the urban development sector. 

This online registration system aims to eliminate the multiplicity of charges, prevent revenue leakage, and remove existing bottlenecks that hinder swift access to building permits.

PLATFORM TIMES’s investigative findings indicated that the previous program, the Ogun Land Administration Management System (OLAMS), was fraught with issues compared to the HomeOwner Charter. 

Allegations of fraud, involving significant sums of money and leading to the sudden dismissal of several officials, cast a shadow on OLAMS.


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