Ex-Gov Ngilari Expresses Astonishment: ‘I’ll Faint If I See N1bn’ Amid Corruption Controversy

Former Adamawa State Governor, Barr Bala Ngilari, has made a startling revelation, expressing disbelief that he would faint if he ever came into possession of one billion naira. 

This revelation comes as he reflects on his tumultuous journey through a corruption case that marked a significant chapter in Nigeria’s democratic history.

Ngilari, who briefly governed the North Eastern state from October 2014 to May 2015, faced allegations of corruption amounting to N166 million. 

He was convicted and imprisoned but later acquitted by the appellate court, becoming the first victim of a court ruling since Nigeria’s return to democracy in 1999.

In a recent interview with Trust TV’s Daily Politics, Ngilari shed light on the challenges faced by those who strive for honesty and righteousness in Nigerian politics. 

He firmly stated, “If I see N1bn now, I will faint.”

He passionately defended his integrity, highlighting that none of the five charges brought against him involved embezzlement or diversion of funds. 

Ngilari’s commitment to honesty, however, resulted in a trail of enemies.

Ngilari also shared his aspirations to contest a senatorial seat after losing the governorship. Regrettably, he was unable to pursue this ambition because party delegates demanded exorbitant sums, with each seeking one million naira.

 Despite his willingness to offer N100,000 to around 200 people, totaling N20 million, delegates insisted on larger sums from other candidates.

The former governor’s revelation serves as a stark commentary on the challenges faced by politicians who endeavor to uphold integrity in the Nigerian political landscape.

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