Ex-Speaker, Ihedioha Resigns From PDP, Blames Party For Failing As  Credible Opposition

Former Speaker of House of Representatives and a  former gubernatorial candidate  of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Imo State, Emeka Ihedioha has tendered his resignation letter  from the party. 

This decision, announced on April 23, has sent ripples through Nigeria’s political landscape, casting a shadow over the party’s ability to serve as an effective opposition force.

Ihedioha’s departure from the PDP was conveyed through a formal letter addressed to the PDP chairman of Mbutu ward in Aboh Mbaise Local Government Area of Imo State, as well as the national chairman.

 In his letter, Ihedioha lamented the party’s failure to fulfil its role as a credible opposition to the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC).

This move comes as a surprise to many, given Ihedioha’s longstanding association with the PDP and his previous roles within the party. 

PLATFORM TIMES reports that his resignation underscores growing disillusionment among party members and supporters who have become increasingly critical of the PDP’s effectiveness in holding the government accountable.

The failure of the PDP to provide a robust opposition to the APC, which has maintained a stronghold on power, has been a point of contention within the party. 

The internal strife and leadership crises that have plagued the PDP in recent years have further exacerbated its inability to present a united front against the ruling party. 

Ihedioha’s departure, therefore, not only reflects his individual grievances but also highlights broader issues within the party’s structure and strategy.

As speculation mounts regarding Ihedioha’s next political moves, his decision to part ways with the PDP raises questions about the future direction of Nigerian politics.

PLATFORM TIMES gathered that as a respected figure within the political sphere, Ihedioha’s  actions are likely to influence the decisions of others within the opposition camp.

In the aftermath of Ihedioha’s resignation, the PDP faces a daunting task of rebuilding its image and reclaiming its status as a credible opposition force. 

With crucial elections looming on the horizon, including the 2027 presidential race, the party must engage in introspection and strategic planning to remain relevant in Nigeria’s dynamic political landscape.

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