Examination Malpractice Can Be Traced To Collapse Of Public Schools— Educationalist

Aminat Gusanu

A Consultant and author, Micheal Omisore has attributed the root cause of examination malpractice to the collapse of public schools.

Omisore called for the need of the government to take measures to fix and sanitize the public school system.

PLATFORM TIMES reports that the consultant spoke on   the importance of addressing the  issue of examination malpractice and urged the stakeholders  to ensure the integrity of education system.

The author lamented that  academic integrity has been relegated due to socioeconomic challenge and anti-learning fads being embraced in our environment.

Omisore said,“Examination malpractice can be traced to the collapse of public schools that was when and where the degeneration began.


“In the late ‘80s and early ‘90s, public schools were meant to be the staple for education while qualified private schools provided specific extra values for interested parents who can afford their tuition.

“When public primary and secondary school education collapsed, there came all sorts of private schools to fill the space, and many of them are not wired and equipped to put the interest of their pupils first,that is why they can, without hesitation, introduce their pupils to criminality.

“The government that is ready to fix education must, first of all fix and sanitise public schools, and provide regulations for the private schools that will be able to stand the test of academic integrity”.

In  a similar vein he also emphasized on the poor state of classrooms, where some pupils are forced to sit on the floor due to inadequate seating, the scarcity of functional libraries in certain schools, along with a lack of essential equipment and resources.

He said,“how many schools can boast of a functional library and laboratories?, We have classrooms that are dilapidated.We have pupils sitting on the floor in some schools. Our schools are not so equipped, an existing reality that shows that our educational system is not standard enough”.

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