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Exclusive : Family Of Sakara Maestro, Yusuf Olatunji, Alleges Death Threats From Pirates; Shun  Award Night Party 

Daud Olatunji

The family of late popular, a revered figure in West African music, Sakara maestro, Yusuf Olatunji has cried out, allegedng threat to their lives by suspected pirates .

Some family sources hinted PLATFORM TIMES that the threat was so strong that none of the family members could attend a posthumous award held to recognise the contributions of the late musician.

PLATFORM TIMES further gathered that the  award ceremony took place at the prestigious Bheerhugz Cafe on Friday night, drawing the crème de la crème of Nigeria’s social circles. 

It was also gathered that the  event was not only a celebration of Olatunji’s legacy but also marked the release of “Yegede,” a special project commemorating his impact on the music industry.

Despite the heightened security at the event, a conspicuous absence was noted: none of Olatunji’s family members attended. 

Reliable sources at the event disclosed that the family declined the invitation due to threats from unknown gangs. 

Further investigation revealed rhat these threats, allegedly related to disputes over Olatunji’s estate and intellectual property, have raised serious concerns for the family’s safety.

The sources said in light of these threats, the family opted to stay away from the public eye, prioritising their security over the prestigious award ceremony. 

PLATFORM TIMES observed that this decision, although disappointing to many, underscores the severe risks they face. 

Nevertheless, the Yusuf Ajao Olatunji Foundation, an NGO dedicated to preserving Olatunji’s legacy, had two representatives present to accept the award and a special portrait on behalf of the family.

PLATFORM TIMES further reports that the troubling situation surrounding Olatunji’s family highlights the darker side of the music industry, where the legacies of legendary artists can become entangled in dangerous disputes.

It was also observed that the  family’s current plight calls for immediate attention and intervention from relevant authorities to ensure their safety and the protection of Olatunji’s intellectual property.

Meanwhile, the enchantingly weird percussive sound of the goge opens the way for the talking drums, which in turn give way to the rattling maracas, ultimately introducing the vocals of Yusuf Olatunji himself. 

This sequence defines the distinctive sound of Sakara maestro, Yusuf Olatunji, a revered figure in West African music. His music, characterized by its profound fusion of traditional and universal elements, continues to captivate audiences long after his passing.

Olatunji’s career, spanning over three decades, established him as a pioneer in the genre, with his intricate use of the goge instrument and prolific lyricism earning him a place of honor. His innovative approach transformed Sakara music, making it appealing to a global audience. Prof Zeeky Rukari, in 1968, highlighted Olatunji’s exceptional contributions, noting his unparalleled achievement of producing three LPs, a testament to his mastery and widespread acclaim.

Even posthumously, Olatunji’s influence remains potent in the Nigerian music scene. His albums consistently achieved platinum status, reflecting his enduring legacy and the public’s appreciation of his artistry. Premier Music Limited, formerly Phillips West Africa, recognized his monumental contributions by announcing a posthumous Lifetime Achievement Award in his honor.

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