EXCLUSIVE : Fatal Love Triangle: Concubine Kills Husband After Intimate Encounter With Wife In Ogun

Daud Olatunji

In the quiet village of Ajipatutu, Ewekoro local government area of Ogun State, Bayo Ibikunle’s life took a tragic turn during the end-of-year carnival, unraveling a heart-wrenching tale of love, betrayal, and fatal consequences.

Bayo, 22 years old, found himself in a harrowing situation when he stumbled upon his wife, Christiana, entangled in a compromising act with Wasiu, a friend linked to her elder brothers. 

Fueled by a mix of emotions, Bayo confronted them, leading to a physical altercation with Wasiu.

The strength of Bayo’s character shone through as he defended his marriage, injuring Wasiu in the process.

 However, the narrative took a dark twist when Wasiu, seeking revenge, mobilised a gang to unleash a brutal attack on Bayo. 

Cornered in a bush, Bayo faced an onslaught of sticks, succumbing to the merciless beating that claimed his life.

Amidst the tragedy, Bayo’s grieving father, Abayomi Ibikunle, reflects on the loss of his firstborn. 

The sorrow in his voice echoes the shock and disbelief that his son’s life was cut short in such a gruesome manner.

Bayo’s father  lamented, “Bayo was my firstborn. 

“Upon receiving a distressing call about my child’s demise at the hands of the Kehinde Elere gang, I rushed to the scene, only to find his lifeless body dragged from the bush where he was killed. 

“Learning that he was fatally beaten with sticks and that his wife engaged in sexual relations with a friend of her elder brother near Bayo’s house shocked me profoundly.

“ I implore people to assist me in navigating this heart-wrenching situation.”

Falola Solomon, an uncle to the deceased, also recounted the tragic tale, stating, “during the youth carnival, Bayo searched for his wife. In his quest, he unexpectedly witnessed her engaging in intimate relations with another man.

“ Bayo confronted his wife and the man, Wasiu, who hastily escaped through a nearby door. A physical altercation ensued, resulting in Bayo injuring Wasiu.

“Soon after, Wasiu rallied his gang, launching a brutal attack on Bayo. They chased him into a secluded bush, mercilessly beating him with sticks until his untimely death. 

“They stripped him of his clothes, which were later taken away. 

“The police have come and  confiscated the sticks used in the assault.

“We were shocked to know that, the gang leader, is acquainted with the elder brothers of Bayo’s wife.”

The Police Public Relations Officer in the state, Omolola Odutola, confirmed  the incident, shedding light on the gruesome details of the assault. 

Odutola, said  “We received a report about a murder and the subsequent arrest of two suspects on January 5, around 5:15 am.

 “A resident of   Ajipatutu village reported that at approximately 02:42 am on January 5, during the end-of-year carnival organised by Ajipatutu village youths, Adebayo Ibikunle, a 22-year-old resident of Ajipatutu village, was searching for his wife, Christiana Ibikunle.

“He discovered his wife with Wasiu in the third house, engaged in intimate activity.

“She was in a compromising situation when her husband caught them.

“The complainant, an uncle to the deceased, informed the police that while Adebayo Ibikunle attempted to communicate with his wife, Wasiu and his brothers – Solomon Olukunle, Dotun Olukunle, and others – assaulted Adebayo Ibikunle.

“ They used sticks and fists, relentlessly punching him until he succumbed to the injuries.

“The police conducted a site visit, capturing photographic evidence.

“The deceased was transported to Ifo General Hospital and officially declared dead by the doctor.”

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