EXCLUSIVE : Heartbroken Mother Demands Justice As 13-Year-Old Son Is Brutally Slain In Ogun

Daud Olatunji

In a gut-wrenching tale of loss and brutality, Funmi Soyinka, the grief-stricken mother of 13-year-old John, has spoken out after her son’s life was violently cut short, his body mutilated in a horrific incident that has left the community in shock.

Enrolled as an apprentice in a barber salon two years ago to channel his energy away from playful antics,  Soyinka, a teenager with dreams of a brighter future, was also entrusted with a POS by his boss in Abeokuta.

A recent incident, however, took a dark turn when John was accused by his boss, Dare, of absconding with money.

The lifeless body of Soyinka was discovered in the heart of Asero Estate. His disappearance, a mystery that gripped the community, came to a chilling end on a somber Monday morning.

John, a helpful boy known for his assistance in a local shop, had vanished without a trace a week prior.

His eager attempt to check on a customer who engaged in PoS transactions marked the last moments before his mysterious disappearance.

A concerned resident, preferring to remain anonymous, shared details of the heartbreaking discovery.

John’s small frame lay motionless, his eyes cruelly removed, and his wrists severed. The once vibrant boy, living with his mother engaged in menial jobs, had met a gruesome fate.

The tight-knit community now grapples with sorrow and shock, seeking answers to the brutal demise of a young soul who simply sought to lend a hand. 

Speaking through tears, Funmi Soyinka recounted the events leading to the tragic discovery of her son’s lifeless body in the desolate Kotogbo bush.

 “I was not at home when his boss came to check if he was hiding. We left home together that day, and after he ate, he headed to work while I went to the market. By 1:00 pm, he was missing,” she explained, her voice laden with anguish.

The grieving mother detailed the desperate search for John, fueled by false assurances that he was still alive.

The shocking revelation of an unknown person making multiple transactions at John’s POS on the day of his disappearance added a sinister layer to the mystery.

Dare claimed he instructed John to clean the shop, only to return and find him gone.

Funmi Soyinka, left with the unbearable burden of losing her only son, expressed her anguish and resolve for justice.

“I hand over the perpetrators to God. I want justice for my son. I want Dare to be interrogated over this. John must not die like this. All of them must face the consequences like John,” she declared with unwavering determination.

With John being the sole male child among three siblings, the family now grapples with an indescribable void. His two elder sisters, yet to be informed, are in Lagos, unaware of the tragic fate that befell their younger brother.


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