EXCLUSIVE : Ritualists Threaten Broadcaster Over Airing Activities On Radio

Daud Olatunji,Abeokuta

In a chilling revelation, Nigerian music producer, gospel singer, and radio presenter, Olayinka Joel Ayefele, has come forward with a spine-tingling encounter with suspected ritualists and kidnappers.

 Ayefele, who hosts the popular radio programme “Oriyomi,” disclosed that he received a warning from an unknown number, cautioning him to refrain from discussing the activities of ritualists and kidnappers on air.

The incident unfolded during Ayefele’s Sunday evening programme, where he featured a survivor of a recent kidnapping that occurred in Ibadan. 

The victim, who mysteriously escaped from the clutches of ritualists, shared his harrowing experience of being kidnapped in Ibadan and later found in Ijebu-Ode.

The musician expressed concern for the victims of ritual killings, emphasizing that those who came on air during his program were there to thank God for their safety and survival.

Ayefele, undeterred by the threats, asserted, “I am concerned about the victims that have gone missing. God help us.”

The situation escalated when Ayefele’s personal assistant, Peter, revealed that he had been receiving threat messages for days. The use of private numbers to convey the warnings left Ayefele and his team deeply unsettled.

PLATFORM TIMES observed that the  use of private numbers to convey the warnings left Ayefele and his team deeply unsettled the musician.

Ayefele recounted, “a  few weeks ago, during a broadcast in Ibadan, I made statements and received a call warning me, ‘Mr. Ayefele, you are a musician; focus on your music.

“What concerns do you have about kidnappers?’ I responded, explaining that survivors came to express gratitude. They insisted I focus on my music and broadcasting.”

“When questioned about my concern for ritual killing victims, they asked if they were my family. I clarified they were not, and the warning came through a private number, causing fear.

” I immediately contacted Peter, my Personal Assistant, who confirmed receiving threat messages for days and said he wanted  me to hear  the warning directly.”

“Aired testimonies were from those thanking God for safety. My primary concern lies with the missing victims. God help us in this distressing situation.”



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