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EXCLUSIVE : Survivor Recounts Horror: How 15 Travelers Taken To ‘Slaughter’ Lab In Ogun, Oyo

Daud Olatunji

In a shocking and harrowing incident, Gboyega, also known as Oba, recently shared the terrifying tale of his abduction while commuting to work in Ibadan.

Gboyega spoke on a popular  radio programme on Sunday anchored by Nigerian music producer, gospel singer, and radio presenter, Olayinka Joel Ayefele.

 Little did he know that his routine journey would turn into a nightmare, as he found himself ensnared in a ritualists’ den situated between Ibadan and Ogun State.

Gboyega recalls the dreadful moment when the vehicle he boarded bewitched him, leading to a loss of consciousness. 

Upon awakening, he discovered himself in an uncompleted building along with a group of captives, numbering not less than 12, possibly even reaching 15 individuals.

The survivors were corralled into a clean hummer bus after spending approximately 30 minutes to an hour in the ominous location.

 It was during this macabre assembly that Baba, a kidnapper who seemed to be between 29 and 32 years old, emerged as a pivotal figure in Gboyega’s fate.

As the captives were about to be transported away, Baba singled out Gboyega and another lady, pulling them from the line. Astonishingly, the gang leader intervened and instructed the driver to return them. 

While the majority of the group was taken away, Gboyega and the lady were escorted in the same bus, embarking on a day-long journey that took them from morning until late at night.

Gboyega, recounting his survival strategy, expressed gratitude for being spared from an unthinkable fate.

He said that the   kidnapper dropped him off in an unknown location after dark, leaving him to navigate the unfamiliar surroundings. 

He added that he was  stranded in Ijebu-Ode which is far from his intended destination of Ibadan.

According to him, when he was dropped off the bus, people were running away from me as I attempted to speak to them.

He said that despite the difficulties in reaching family members due to the traumatic experience, his  perseverance paid off when a relative finally answered the call and facilitated his safe return.

He said “myself and two others  were taken to an unfinished building where we were joined with a group of around 15 people, where we faced the threat of kidnapping. 

“As we were being ushered onto a bus, a well-dressed kidnapper named Baba, singled me and another woman out, sparing us from the group.

” The gang leader instructed the driver to return us, separating us from the rest who continued their journey.

“Throughout the day, the driver drove us through various locations until late at night, leaving me disoriented about my whereabouts. In a stroke of luck, I found myself in Ijebu-Ode, not knowing how I got there.

” Faced with the challenge of locating a family member, I encountered resistance from wary locals, but eventually connected with a woman who helped me contact my family.”

“Despite initial struggles, the family member was reached, and I spent the night in Ijebu-Ode before returning to Ibadan the next day.”

The survivor’s harrowing journey sheds light on the dangers faced by unsuspecting travelers and raises critical questions about the security of public transportation routes in the region.

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