Experts Worry Over Health  Conditions Of  Traditional Birth Attendants 

Ayomide Shoboyejo & Azeezat  Subair

Medical experts have  expressed  concern over the poor health conditions of many traditional birth attendants in Ogun state.

 The experts, including the Medical Director of Oasis Hospital in Ifo, Timothy Olugbode, and the Medical Director of Moonlight Medicals in Abeokuta, Akeem Ajiboye, spoke on Tuesday at a one-day Health Workshop organized by the Accurate Creative Minds Foundation in Abeokuta, the state capital.

The duo addressed the topic “Holistic Health For Healthcare Providers In The Private Sector” and advised midwives and traditional birth attendants at the event to prioritize their health. 

As a special guest, Olugbode expressed concern about the lack of attention healthcare providers in the private sector give to their own health. 

He emphasized the utmost importance of healthcare providers prioritizing their mental and physical well-being, highlighting the need to regularly monitor blood pressure, blood counts, ECG, and other vital signs.

Olugbode also stressed the importance of maintaining a balance between personal health and the medical profession.

 He offered advice to young medical practitioners leaving Nigeria, urging them to consider the healthcare situation in the country and contribute to improving the peace and well-being of their homeland.

Ajiboye, the keynote speaker, admonished healthcare providers to manage their social problems effectively and warned against self-medication. 

He emphasized the significance of knowing how to take care of oneself and organized the program to educate medical personnel on self-care, ensuring sound mental health and avoiding social and spiritual problems.

Regarding self-medication, Ajiboye advised individuals with headaches to undergo tests, go for regular medical check-ups, and not let cases worsen before seeking hospital care. 

He urged healthcare providers to be mindful of their health before it becomes a problem, emphasizing the importance of taking time for oneself.

The founder, Babaatunde Odedele, disclosed that the workshop aimed to educate the public on the need for healthcare providers in the private sector to prioritize their health.

 He expressed concern about the lack of attention healthcare providers give to their own health, prompting the organization to organize the program and invite various medical personnel to educate the public.

PLATFORM TIMES reported that ACMF is an organization renowned for its expertise in training youths, enlightening the general public, enhancing skills, providing tutorials for students, offering entrepreneurship training, and implementing welfare programs. 

The organization strives to ensure that the masses are well-educated and informed.

Speaking at the workshop, participant midwife Olusegun Bukola lauded the organizer and urged colleagues to shun the culture of self-medication. 

She advised colleagues to rest, protect themselves, undergo regular check-ups, and ensure the well-being of both healthcare providers and patients to prevent the spread of diseases.


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