Factional Speaker Resigns As  Rivers State Assembly Member, Writes INEC 

In a surprising development, a factional Speaker River State House of Assembly, Edison Ehie has officially resigned from his role as a member representing Ahoada East in the Assembly. 

Ehie also  relinquished his position as the speaker of a prominent group of lawmakers, signaling a significant shift in the political landscape.

The formal announcement of his resignation, encapsulated in a letter dated 29th December 2023, was directed to Professor Mahmood Yakubu, Chairman of the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC). 

PLATFORM TIMES gathered that the development stirred discussions within political circles, leaving many to speculate about the underlying reasons for this unexpected decision.

However,Ehie did not provide any explicit reasons for his departure in the resignation letter, leaving colleagues and constituents curious about the motivations behind this pivotal move. 

The absence of a disclosed rationale adds an element of intrigue to the unfolding narrative.

Despite the lack of specifics, the departing lawmaker took a moment to express gratitude to his colleagues and constituents, acknowledging the privilege of serving with them. 

This gracious acknowledgment adds a reflective note to the announcement, emphasizing the camaraderie and collaborative spirit during his tenure.

As the news of  Ehie’s resignation reverberates throughout the political landscape, attention now turns to the potential implications for the Rivers State House of Assembly. 

The absence of both a seasoned member and a group speaker raises questions about the upcoming dynamics and the potential reshuffling of leadership roles within the legislative body.

In the absence of disclosed reasons, the coming days are likely to witness increased speculation and analysis as political observers and constituents alike seek to unravel the mystery behind this unexpected departure. 

The letter addressed to Professor Mahmood Yakubu becomes a focal point, holding potential clues that may shed light on the undisclosed motivations prompting  Ehie’s exit from his dual roles. 

The aftermath of this resignation is anticipated to shape the political trajectory within Rivers State in the immediate future.


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