Fake Doctor Arrested During Military Hospital Interview In Rivers

A suspected quack medical practitioner, Mr. Echi Michael, has been apprehended during an interview for the position of Medical Officer at the Port Harcourt Military Hospital.

The arrest was orchestrated by the Rivers State chapter of the Nigerian Medical Association (NMA), which had been monitoring Michael’s activities closely.

Accusations against Mr. Michael include operating with counterfeit documents and falsely representing himself as a qualified medical doctor.

Dr. Hope Avundaa, the Secretary of the Rivers State NMA chapter, revealed that Mr. Michael’s fraudulent activities came to light when he attempted to obtain an NMA ID card using forged credentials, including a fake MBBS certificate from the University of Port Harcourt (2017) and a fabricated MDCN full registration certificate (2023).

“The Antiquackery Committee, led by Chairman Dr. Ebbi Robinson, Secretary Dr. Hope Avundaa, and VC2 Dr. Edmund Anufuro, executed the arrest and detention of Mr. Echi Igbo Michael,” stated Dr. Avundaa.

“Mr. Michael, a graduate of Banking and Finance (CRUTECH), had been unlawfully practicing as a medical doctor in Rivers State for over two years.”

The suspect’s audacious attempt to secure a position at the Port Harcourt Military Hospital, where he had falsely claimed to be employed, ultimately led to his capture.

“Mr. Echi Michael was apprehended on Sunday after a period of active surveillance,” Dr. Avundaa said .

Authorities have confirmed that Mr. Michael has been handed over for prosecution, marking a significant victory in the fight against medical fraud in the region.

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