False Social Media Claims: LASTMA Refutes Allegation Of Pregnant Woman’s Death

Aminat Gusanu

The Lagos State Traffic Management Authority (LASTMA) has categorically denied the veracity of a social media report that has been circulating, alleging that a pregnant woman met her demise in an incident involving one of its operational vehicles.


In an official statement issued via X (formerly Twitter) on Tuesday, LASTMA’s spokesperson, Adebayo Taofiq, strongly discredited the viral account.


According to Taofiq, “The narrative presented by online media does not align with the actual events that occurred today at MRS Filling Station on Kodesoh Road, Ikeja.”


Taofiq elaborated, “The assertion that a pregnant woman lost her life due to a collision with a LASTMA van during a ‘Korope’ chase is utterly untrue. Subsequent medical assessment at LASUTH (Lagos State University Teaching Hospital) confirmed that she was not pregnant. She has been discharged from the hospital, accompanied by her husband.”


Upon preliminary investigation, it was determined that the incident unfolded when a driver of a mini commercial bus (referred to as a ‘korope’) observed a LASTMA Patrol Van queuing for fuel in front of the MRS Filling Station.


The korope driver engaged in reckless driving, leading a passenger seated near the open door to fall from the vehicle. The injured passenger was expeditiously taken to LASUTH for medical attention, due to minor injuries sustained from the fall.


Contrary to the claims, the woman in question did not lose her life but experienced only minor injuries, which were treated at LASUTH before her discharge.


Taofiq emphasized that the incident had been promptly reported to the Area ‘F’ Divisional Police Station for further investigation.


In conclusion, Taofiq stated, “As a result, the Management of LASTMA calls upon all operators of commercial buses to prioritize passenger safety by ensuring that vehicle doors remain closed while in motion, a practice mandated by the Lagos State Transport Sector Reform (2018).


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