FBN Shareholders Call For Peaceful Resolution, Approve N17.9 Billion Dividend

In a bid to foster enduring growth and stability, shareholders of First Bank Nigeria Limited, under FBN Holdings Plc, have rallied for an amicable resolution to the ongoing dispute over control of the bank. 


Concurrently, they have given their stamp of approval to a comprehensive dividend payout amounting to N17.9 billion for the 2022 financial year, translating to 50 kobo per investor.


During the bank’s 11th annual General Meeting, conducted virtually on Tuesday, shareholders beseeched regulatory bodies to ensure that any ousted director from a publicly listed corporation relinquishes their shares and relinquishes their position on the board.


The gathering also provided an overview of the group’s accomplishments throughout the past financial year, highlighting significant achievements, strategic endeavors, and notably enhanced performance metrics. 


The Chairman also took the opportunity to lay out the group’s strategic roadmap for the upcoming year and revealed new appointments to the board.


Alhaji Ahmad Abdullahi, Chairman of the company, reemphasized the group’s unwavering dedication, along with its subsidiaries, to continuous innovation and the strategic harnessing of opportunities to further bolster customer-centric services. 


He underscored the pivotal role of these services in driving sustainable growth and making a positive impact on the various communities where the group operates globally.


In terms of dividends, the group announced an increase to 50 kobo per share, marking a substantial 43% rise from the 35 kobo per share disbursed in the previous year.


Furthermore, FBN Holdings introduced two new board members: Femi Otedola as Non-Executive Director and Oyewale Ariyibi as Executive Director.


Speaking further, Abdullahi conveyed, “The Group remains proactively engaged in targeted initiatives aimed at bolstering its capacity to generate value that transcends the sum of its individual components. 


At FBN Holdings, innovation and technology form the bedrock of our operations. 


We acknowledge the competitive edge that innovation confers and ensure it remains at the forefront of our product and service development and enhancement.”


“Recognizing the indispensable role our workforce plays in creating shareholder value, we consistently leverage top-tier training and development programs to upskill and reskill our team members.


 This approach enhances their professional competence, drives innovation, and elevates overall corporate adaptability. 


Our staff, spanning various tiers, have consistently embodied our Core Values – Entrepreneurial, Professionalism, Innovative, and Customer-Centricity (EPIC) – and have demonstrated unwavering commitment to the Group’s strategic ambitions.”

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