FCT Impounds 20 Rickety Vehicles,To Prosecute Owners

In a decisive move that echoes the stern stance of Barrister Nyesom Wike, the newly appointed Minister of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), the Directorate of Road Traffic Services (DRTS) under the FCT Administration (FCTA) has taken action against the growing issue of illegal structures within the capital. 


Following the minister’s recent threat to demolish such structures, the DRTS has executed a crackdown, impounding a total of 20 rickety vehicles, along with 10 tricycles and 15 motorcycles on Tuesday. 


Authorities have issued a grave warning, vowing to crush these impounded vehicles and prosecuting their owners.


During the operation, Mrs. Deborah Osho, the Head of Operations at DRTS, addressed the press, expressing the intent behind the raid.


 She emphasized that not only would vehicle owners face prosecution for utilizing rickety vehicles, but also for operating from unauthorized motor parks, as well as for violating laws pertaining to the use of commercial motorcycles and tricycles. 


Osho highlighted the operation’s purpose, which was to cleanse the federal capital city of illegal motor parks, non-roadworthy vehicles, tricycles, and motorcycles, in an effort to maintain the city’s cleanliness and order.


“Eliminating the presence of rickety vehicles cluttering the streets of our capital is our primary objective,” Osho stated, indicating that many of these vehicles, including commercial taxis and two-wheelers, had been contributing to a deteriorating urban environment, which was deemed unacceptable.


Osho further assured the public of the DRTS’s commitment to addressing this issue, underlining their continued pursuit of unauthorized parks and vehicles, while urging FCT motorists to abide by traffic rules and regulations for the sake of a safer road environment and a cleaner city.


Mr. Peter Olumuji, the Secretary of the Command and Control Division within the FCTA Taskforce responsible for maintaining order in the city, echoed Osho’s sentiments. 


Olumuji emphasized the critical role of ridding the city of various forms of illegality, believing it would contribute to an improvement in overall security.


 He affirmed that the DRTS would persistently collaborate with security agencies to target those who operated within the shadow of legality, including unauthorized motor parks, rickety vehicles, and commercial motorcycles and tricycles.


However, it remains uncertain whether this operation against rickety vehicles was directly linked to Barrister Nyesom Wike’s assumption of office as the FCT Minister, particularly in light of his recent declaration against illegal structures.


The decisive crackdown on rickety vehicles and unauthorized transportation hubs aligns with the new administration’s commitment to enforcing order and cleanliness within the Federal Capital Territory. 


The impounding, impending crushing, and subsequent legal action against vehicle owners serve as a stark reminder of the FCT’s determination to uphold the law and improve the city’s urban landscape.

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