FCTA Strengthens Ties With Israel To Bolster Agriculture, Security

Fawaz Adebisi


The Minister of the Federal Capital Territory, Nyesom Wike, has extended a hand of collaboration to the State of Israel, focusing on bolstering agriculture and improving the security landscape in the nation’s capital.

This was revealed during a cordial meeting at the minister’s office in Abuja, where the Israeli Ambassador to Nigeria, Mr. Michael Freeman, paid a visit on Tuesday.

Wike, in his capacity as the Minister, emphasized the favorable agricultural conditions within the Federal Capital Territory (FCT).

He unveiled plans for the establishment of farms in the region, aimed at providing gainful employment opportunities for the youth.

“We recognize that the FCT offers an ideal climate for agriculture,” stated Wike.

“Our intention is to create agricultural initiatives within the territory that not only harness this potential but also provide meaningful employment for our young population.”

In addition to agricultural prospects, Wike assured Ambassador Freeman of the FCTA’s commitment to fostering a conducive environment for legitimate business endeavors, welcoming potential investments.

Addressing the pressing issue of security, Wike acknowledged the challenges faced by the FCT, aligning it with major cities worldwide.

He affirmed the FCT’s readiness to collaborate with the State of Israel to enhance security conditions.

Wike stated, “While we have encountered certain security setbacks, it’s essential to acknowledge that security issues are a global concern.

We are dedicated to proactively addressing any issues that may tarnish our reputation and are open to cooperation to reduce insecurity within the city.”

The Minister’s remarks highlight the commitment of the FCTA to prioritize the safety and well-being of its residents, acknowledging the reality of security challenges in the modern world.

Furthermore, Wike addressed recent reports highlighting embassies, high commissions, and government organizations that have defaulted on ground rent payments.

He clarified that these actions were not aimed at any specific entity but were part of a broader strategy to bolster the internally generated revenue in the FCT, which in turn would be directed towards the region’s development.

In response, Ambassador Freeman expressed the Israeli embassy’s dedication to adhering to established rules and regulations in the FCT.

He also shared details of an ongoing capacity-building project targeting young Nigerian entrepreneurs and innovators.

He therefore said the project includes mentorship opportunities and financial support to help these individuals establish businesses, create jobs, and contribute to economic growth.

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