Female Muslim Students  Can Wear  Hijab At University Of Ibadan  School -Court

An Oyo State High Court in Ibadan has granted female Muslim students at the University of Ibadan International School, Ibadan (ISI), the right to wear hijab on top of their school uniforms. 

The judgment, delivered by Justice Moshood Ishola on Wednesday afternoon, marks the culmination of a legal battle that began in November 2018.

The controversy started when the secondary school, which is owned and operated by the University of Ibadan, denied some female Muslim students the right to wear hijabs with their uniforms.

 This decision prompted the affected students and their parents to take legal action against the school, the University of Ibadan, and several principal officers of the institution.

The plaintiffs included students Faridah Akerele, Aaliyah Dopesi, Akhifah Dokpesi, Raheemah Akinlusi, Imam Akinoso, Hamdallah Olosunde, Aliyyah Adebayo, Moriddiyah Yekinni, Ikhlas Badiru, Mahmuda Babarinde, and Fareedah Moshood.

 They argued that the prohibition of the hijab infringed upon their religious freedoms and fundamental human rights.

In his ruling, Justice Ishola emphasized that the school, as a public institution, is obligated to uphold the constitutional rights of its students. 

He referenced prior judgments by the Supreme Court of Nigeria, which have affirmed the right to religious expression, including the wearing of hijabs.

“The school, staff, or its agents have no right to punish students for using hijab on the school premises or outside the school premises,” Justice Ishola stated.

 “Fundamental human rights are inalienable rights and cannot be taken, even by the powerful government. The school is a public institution.

“The judge’s decision is grounded in the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and other international charters that guarantee freedom of religion and association.

 The University of Ibadan and the ISI administration have yet to issue an official response to the court’s decision. 

However, the judgment has been widely welcomed by Muslim communities and human rights advocates, who see it as a victory for religious freedom and human rights in Nigeria.

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