Femi Adesina’s Journey: A Special Adviser’s Reflection On Eight Years Of Service

Femi Adesina, the former Special Adviser Media to President Muhammadu Buhari, recently opened up about his extraordinary experience.

 Adesina, a seasoned journalist who initially had reservations about joining the government, shared insights into his tenure, the challenges he faced, and his profound admiration for President Buhari.

Adesina highlighted the unexpected nature of his transition from a journalist to the President’s Special Adviser. Despite being at the pinnacle of his career, he felt compelled to accept the invitation to serve Buhari to uphold the integrity of his long-standing support for the president.

Reflecting on his eight-year journey, Adesina acknowledged both the highs and lows. 

He emphasized the challenges of facing trenchant criticisms and personal attacks, defending his role in shaping the narrative during the President’s health challenges in 2017.

Adesina offered a glimpse into President Buhari’s personality, describing him as a simple, easy-going, yet strict individual with a strong sense of integrity. He debunked misconceptions about the President’s demeanor, emphasizing Buhari’s genial nature when one gets to know him.

When questioned about Buhari’s impact on Nigeria, Adesina passionately defended the President’s achievements. He refuted claims of increased insecurity, asserting that Boko Haram’s control significantly diminished during Buhari’s tenure. Adesina also praised Buhari’s efforts in diversifying the economy and combating corruption.

Regarding the national debt left by President Buhari, Adesina dismissed concerns, stating that borrowing was acceptable as long as the country could repay. He argued that Nigeria’s resilient economy could meet its debt obligations, emphasizing the necessity of borrowing for development.

Adesina refrained from directly criticizing former President Obasanjo in response to scathing remarks about Buhari’s performance.

 He emphasized Buhari’s respect for Obasanjo as a superior, recounting the President’s decision not to personally respond to Obasanjo’s critical letters.

Adesina expressed no regrets about leaving his role as Editor-in-Chief for the opportunity to serve Buhari. Despite initial uncertainties, he found fulfillment in the service and believed in the positive impact made during Buhari’s administration.

Adesina clarified that he had no intentions of venturing into politics or contesting elections. He affirmed his commitment to only holding the position of the head of his household.

Femi Adesina’s journey as Special Adviser Media to President Buhari is marked by dedication, challenges, and unwavering support for a leader he deeply admires.

 The interview offers a unique perspective on the intricacies of serving in a high-profile government position and the personal convictions that guided Adesina throughout his tenure.

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