FG Distributes   50 Tonnes Of Maize Seeds To Mitigate 2022 Flood Impact

In a move to aid farmers in Oyo State following the detrimental effects of the 2022 flood, the Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (FMARD) has taken action by distributing more than 50 tonnes of certified maize seeds over the past three weeks. 


Dr. Kakulu Omonele, the FMARD Coordinator in the state, revealed in Ibadan that this initiative is part of the government’s larger strategy to assist agricultural workers.


The FMARD’s concerted efforts have been aimed at mitigating the disruption caused by the devastating flood of 2022, which had a profound impact on farmers across the nation.


 The provision of certified maize seeds at no cost to the farmers is a crucial step towards helping them recover and rebuild.


Dr. Omonele emphasized that the distributed maize seeds are of the highest quality and are packaged in 20-kilogram bags. 


The ministry’s approach involves collaborating with various commodity associations, cooperatives, and corporate farmers.


 Notably, individual farmers who may not be part of formal associations also received support.


Rice farmers have not been left out of this initiative, as around 500 rice farmers in the state also benefited from the distribution of seeds. 


Dr. Omonele explained that maize received a larger allocation due to the higher number of farmers currently focusing on maize cultivation.


He said that the  FMARD’s mission in Oyo State is to ensure that certified seeds are provided to farmers in a timely manner, guaranteeing the nation’s food security. 


He added that beyond seed distribution, the ministry is committed to continuously educating farmers, providing training sessions to ensure they understand the right seeds and optimal planting times.


According to him, for instance, a recent training programme saw approximately 100 farmers equipped with essential knowledge on cultivating cassava, yam, cowpea, and other crops.


He said “this proactive stance by the Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development underscores the government’s dedication to the well-being of farmers and the agricultural sector at large. 


“By offering tangible support in the form of certified seeds and educational programmes, the FMARD is playing a vital role in rejuvenating the agricultural landscape of Oyo State and securing the nation’s food future.”

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