FG, States Consider Establishment Of State Police 

Ayomide Shoboyejo

The Federal Government and the governments of all 36 states are currently deliberating the idea of establishing a state police force.

This decision emerged after an urgent meeting held between President Bola Tinubu and state governors at the Aso Rock Villa on Thursday.

The meeting, prompted by the recent surge in food prices, prevailing economic difficulties, and various instances of insecurity, seeks to address these pressing issues.

According to Mohammed Idris, the Minister of Information and National Orientation, the process is still in its initial phase and requires more time for thorough consideration.

He stressed the essential need for all involved parties to engage in further discussions and exchange ideas before reaching any concrete conclusions. This collaborative approach will help shape the direction and framework of the process.


Idris stated, “There is also a discussion around the issue of state police. The federal government and the state governments are mulling the possibility of setting up state police. Of course, this is still going to be further discussed. A lot of work has to be done in that direction.

“But if our government and the state governments agree to the necessity of having state police, this is a significant shift. Like I said, more work needs to be done in that direction.

“A lot of meetings will have to happen between the Federal Government and dissolved nationals to see the modalities of achieving this.”

“The discussion surrounding the establishment of state police in Nigeria primarily arises from the centralized structure of the Nigerian Police Force, perceived by many as insufficient in tackling the distinct security issues present in the country’s diverse regions.

“Supporters argue that the institution of state police would bring law enforcement closer to the communities they are meant to serve, improving the efficiency of policing and enabling greater localized authority over security concerns.

“On the other hand, individuals who oppose the concept express concerns about the possibility of state police being prone to misuse of authority.

“This is especially worrisome in states where there is a significant degree of political control, potentially exacerbating regional tensions and undermining the overall unity of the nation.”

Furthermore, the minister disclosed that the government plans to hire an undisclosed number of individuals with the aim of bolstering the workforce of forest rangers.

He said the  intention behind this recruitment is to enhance their capabilities to ensure the safety and security of our forests and borders.

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