FG Urged To Empower Women In Politics, As Women Group Launched In Ogun

Daud Olatunji

A distinguished professor at Olabisi Onabanjo University,Prof. Bushrat Adekola has called on the federal government to prioritize the empowerment of women in politics, emphasizing the urgent need for gender equality.

Adekola said this on Friday while speaking during the inauguration of the Ogun state chapter of the Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) “No Women, No Nation.

Speaking passionately with newsmen in Abeokuta, Prof. Adekola stressed the significance of granting women better positions in both rural and urban areas, aiming to enhance their societal standing and reduce dependency on male counterparts.

She appealed to the federal government to recognize the capabilities of women and provide them with worthy positions in various sectors.

“We want the federal government to give recognition to women, to give us better positions that empower all women, be it in the rural or urban area.

“We want women to come up to be able to stand well in society so that our dependence on male counterparts will not be too much. When we are on our own, we will be self-reliant,” Prof. Adekola asserted.

Expressing the readiness of women to take on leadership roles, including the presidency, she highlighted the teachings ingrained from the primary level that women can not only match but surpass men in various fields.

Prof. Adekola outlined the unique contributions women bring, reinforcing the belief that their inclusion in positions of power would strengthen the nation.

“Women should come out now to compete for some positions with men. We are up to the task now, and there are crucial things that women can do to compete with men.

“Now, there is no inferiority complex again; where we have a male professor, we have a female professor, we have medical doctors in all ramifications, so politics is not left out,” she asserted confidently.

Addressing the perception that it is difficult for women to attain gubernatorial or presidential positions in Nigeria, Prof. Adekola challenged this notion, attributing the challenge to the absence of a substantial and worthy female candidate.

She expressed optimism about addressing this gap and urged the government to actively support and empower women in political leadership.

“It is not difficult because we have not been able to present a substantial or a worthy person that can pull the crowd, and we are looking into that,” Prof. Adekola concluded, advocating for a concerted effort to enable women to play a more prominent role in shaping the political landscape of the nation.

We Launched No Women, No Nation In  Ogun To Empower Women – Founder

In a significant stride towards promoting gender equality and empowering women, the Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) “No Women, No Nation” was inaugurated in the State.

The event, held in Abeokuta, witnessed the presence of Ambassador Akintola Oluwasayo, the National Chairman of No Woman, No Nation, who emphasized the organization’s commitment to fostering a better Nigeria through the empowerment of women.

Ambassador Oluwasayo highlighted that “No Women, No Nation” is the women’s wing of a national coalition dedicated to advancing efforts for a stronger and more inclusive Nigeria.

He emphasized the independent nature of the NGO, stressing that it has been duly registered and operates as a self-sufficient body.

The primary objective of the organization is to empower women, widows, and widowers, recognizing the vital role women play in nation-building.

Ambassador Oluwasayo disclosed that the NGO has already extended its reach, covering 34 out of 36 states, with a database comprising approximately 9 million women.

Addressing the pivotal role of women in nation-building, Ambassador Oluwasayo underscored their dominance in terms of mobilization and efforts for the progress of the nation.

He passionately advocated for women to be compensated with meaningful positions, acknowledging their significant contributions.

The launch of the No Women, No Nation NGO in Ogun State marks a crucial step in the ongoing national efforts to promote gender equity, empower women, and recognize their indispensable role in shaping the future of Nigeria.

APC SouthWest Women LeaderAdvocates Female Unity In Politics

Chief Shakirat Yetunde Adesanya, the APC Southwest women leader,has emphasized the crucial role women play in the nation’s development and called for greater unity among women in politics.

When queried about her sentiments on the occasion, Chief Adesanya expressed, “I am fantastically happier than what you might think because anywhere women are, the place must be fantastic.”

The chief was candid when asked about the lack of consistent support among women in politics. She responded, “To be honest, women support women to a certain stage.

In fact, you are right; women do not support women enough. If they did, we could have seen a female president or a female governor by now.

However, we are working towards that goal by counseling and guiding women on how to collaborate effectively. Our aim is to produce female governors and a female president in the near future.”

“No Women No Nation” is a platform that seeks to empower and unite women across the country, fostering collaboration and support in various spheres, especially in the political landscape.

Chief Adesanya’s presence and impassioned address underscored the urgency of women rallying together to break through the barriers that have hindered their progress in leadership roles.


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