FIBAN Ramadan Lecture :  Islamic Cleric Identifies Five Key Challenges To Good Governance 

…REC, PDP, Others Call For Attitude Change


Daud Olatunji

Sheikh Abdul Lateef Ademoye, a revered Islamic cleric in Ogun State, has outlined five critical obstacles hindering good governance and economic prosperity in Nigeria. 

The guest lecturer, spoke on the theme, “Nigerians and the Survival of Economic Hardship: The Islamic Perspective,” on Saturday at the 2024 Ramadan Lecture organized by the Freelance and Independent Broadcasters Association of Nigeria (FIBAN) in Ogun State.

He highlighted these challenges, shedding light on fundamental issues plaguing the nation’s progress. Firstly, Sheikh Ademoye emphasised the collective disregard for divine guidance. 

He lamented that despite numerous warnings from religious teachings, including those preached by religious leaders themselves, many have strayed from ethical paths. 

This disregard, he argued, has fueled hunger and insecurity across the country. Secondly, the cleric pointed to pervasive dishonesty within economic transactions.

 Both sellers and buyers, he noted, engage in deceitful practices, contributing to inflated prices and exploitation in the market. Thirdly, Sheikh Ademoye criticised the prevalence of incompetent and corrupt leadership. 

He asserted that the nation suffers when entrusted with leaders who lack the vision, integrity, and capability to govern justly. Fourthly, the cleric underscored the detrimental impact of political nepotism and incompetence. 

He decried the appointment of individuals unqualified for governance positions, perpetuating a cycle of ineffective leadership and poor governance. 

Lastly, Sheikh Ademoye addressed the issue of insincere religious practices.

 He argued that while Nigeria boasts of a strong religious identity, the absence of genuine piety and moral conduct undermines societal integrity and cohesion.

He said  these five challenges represent significant barriers to achieving good governance and economic stability in Nigeria. 

Addressing these issues, he suggested, requires a concerted effort from both citizens and leaders to uphold ethical principles, foster transparency, and prioritize the common good over personal gain.

Corroborating him, the Wakeelu Muslimeen of Yorubaland, Edo, and Delta, and consultant to the state governor on Islamic affairs, Sheikh Iskeel Awwal, lauded the FIBAN for the program. 


He, however, advised FIBAN to weigh the effects of their reports before making them public. 

“They should publish and air truth.” Also speaking on the theme, the Ogun State Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party, Sikirulahi Ogundele, called for diversification of the economy. 

According to him, Nigerian masses also contribute to the problem by demanding money from the leaders. 

He said, “they would have drained the persons to the marrow, and when that person emerges, he would be thinking of how to recoup the money spent. 

“We have turned politics into business, and if you put your money into a venture, you will be looking forward to profit; that is exactly what is happening in Nigeria. 

Others who spoke at the occasion were former Speaker of the House of Representatives, Dimeji Bankole, and Resident Electoral Commissioner in Osun, Dr. Mutiu Agboke, called for an attitude change by Nigerians.

While  Bankole, who was represented by Alhaji Ibrahim Lasaki, blamed the challenges facing the country on the lack of home training, Agboke urged Nigerians to be patriotic.

The REC  advised Nigerians to use their positions very well before condemning the people at the helms of affairs.

The event had dignitaries who include: the state Secretary, Road Transport Employers Association of Nigeria, Alhaji Tiwalade Akingbade; former President of FIBAN, Desmond Nwachukwu; First Vice National FIBAN President, Dr. Helen Njoku; National General Secretary, Mrs. Kikelomo Ogunsina Obabi; State Caretaker Chairman, Aderoju Ogundiran; and Guest Artists, Alhaji Kabir Alayande, Ere Asalatu, and Mrs. Jemilat Alagbe, among others.

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