FIBAN Salutes Angel Ajayi’s Unprecedented 30-Day News Marathon In Ogun 

Daud Olatunji

The Freelance and Independent Broadcasters Association of Nigeria (FIBAN) on Tuesday,  lauded  Angel Ajayi, broadcaster at Family 88.5FM, for his remarkable achievement in the record-breaking 30-day News-A-Thon, marking a historic milestone in Nigerian broadcasting.

FIBAN, led by National Vice President 1, Dr. Helen Okon, made a special visit to Ajayi at his work station in Abeokuta, where he has tirelessly conducted a marathon of news casting for an impressive 30 consecutive days. 

Commencing on November 1, Ajayi’s marathon is set to culminate in the next few days, leaving an indelible mark on the industry.

Okon, speaking on behalf of FIBAN, highlighted the association’s commitment to recognizing outstanding contributions in broadcasting.

 She revealed, “The president requested my presence in Ogun State to verify the remarkable news that a member of our association is achieving the extraordinary feat of a 30-day News-A-Thon.”

Describing Ajayi as an “amazing brother in the association,” Okon expressed her surprise and admiration for his straightforward approach. 

She narrated, “When I heard that he is on this task, I expressed surprise. I asked if it was possible, and yesterday, when I wanted to board my flight, I said I must be here. When we got here, we can confirm it.”

Acknowledging the support from Family 88.5FM, Okon commended the head of the station, Mr. Funsho Adeniran, describing him as a “man of God.” 

She conveyed the association’s gratitude, stating, “We thank you for the encouragement and support you gave him. On behalf of the association, we express our sincere thanks.”

Corroborating the sentiment, Comrade Kikelomo Ogunsina, National General Secretary, expressed FIBAN’s pride in Ajayi’s unprecedented achievement. “You have made us proud.

” As a reputable and amazing member of FIBAN, you are doing something great and historic. We appreciate you, and we are winning together. Keep it up,” said Ogunsina.

In his remarks, Mr. Funsho Adeniran, Head of Marketing at Family 88.5FM, emphasized the collaborative effort, noting that FIBAN members have been integral to the success of the station.

 He commended Ajayi’s determination, stating, “I commend him for the record-breaking task and other members of the team.”

 Ajayi, in response, expressed his appreciation for the honour from FIBAN leadership and members.

 He attributed part of his success to the encouragement from his boss, stating, “My Oga boosted my morale. Many times when I was down, he would encourage me and say, ‘Angel Ajayi, you can do it.'”

Ajayi’s 30-day News-A-Thon not only stands as a personal achievement but also as a testament to the resilience and dedication within the Freelance and Independent Broadcasters Association of Nigeria.

The FIBAN entourage comprisesr; Dr Helen Okon – National Vice President 1; Comrade Kikelomo Ogunsina – National General Secretary ; Comrade Aderoju Ogundiran – chairman Ogun FIBAN and  Comrade Omobolanle Asakpa – State Treasurer.


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