Fish Sellers’ Protest Paralyzes Sagamu Amid Soaring Prices

Daud Olatunji

Fish sellers in Sagamu, Ogun State, have taken to the streets to protest the relentless surge in the price of fish, which has left their businesses in turmoil.

 The demonstration, marked by placard-waving protesters and solidarity chants, culminated at the palace of the Akarigbo and paramount ruler of Remoland, Oba Babatunde Ajayi, as traders expressed their growing frustrations.

The heart of the issue lies in the skyrocketing costs of fish, which vendors claim are pushing their customers away, causing a devastating impact on their livelihoods.

 The fish sellers, carrying signs that decried the price hikes, demanded immediate measures to alleviate the economic distress gripping Sagamu and other parts of the state.

“The way they are increasing the price of fish is too much. What is happening? One Titus is now N2,000, while Shawa is N1,000. Isn’t that too much?” voiced one of the traders.

Residents have been hit hard by these price fluctuations, with one lamenting that fish, which cost N1,200 just a week ago, has suddenly soared to N1,800 this week. 

Additionally, some residents have received information that fish sellers are planning to embark on a 10-day strike commencing on November 1, exacerbating concerns about fish shortages and even higher prices.

Adelaja Awodeyi, a dealer in fish, clarified that the peaceful demonstration was a proactive move to inform customers and residents about the frequent price spikes in the fish market.

 He explained, “We buy fish from Lagos. 

“You can buy a carton of fish for N10,000 today, and the next day, the price will jump to N15,000. 

The price of fish now increases within two to three days. So, the fish sellers believed that with the rally, the customers would be aware of their plights.”

In response to these pressing issues, the fish sellers have submitted a request for the suspension of fish sales by cold rooms in Sagamu, specifically between Wednesday and Thursday. 

This request underscores the urgency of the situation and the dire need for intervention to stabilize the fish market and protect the livelihoods of those dependent on it. 

As tensions escalate and the strike looms, the community anxiously awaits a resolution to this ongoing crisis.

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