Flood Kills 25,000 Poultry Birds In Anambra

Peculiar Tonkumoh

A devastating flood has claimed the lives of over 25,000 poultry birds at Mautci Farms Ltd in the Ogbaru council area of Anambra State.

According to a report by PLATFORM TIMES, the flood has also had a significant impact on fish, potatoes, and crops in the area.

PLATFORM TIMES spoke with the farm’s proprietor, Patrick Sule Ugboma, who revealed that around 400 staff members have been instructed to halt their work as operations come to a standstill.

Mr. Sule Ugboma lamented, “The farm, which spans 20 hectares, has suffered immense losses due to this calamity. We have incurred damages exceeding 25,000 poultry birds, along with fish in our ponds, valued at several million naira, in addition to numerous other properties of substantial value.”

He further noted, “The flood’s repercussions have also extended to various bridges, notably the Umunnakwo Bridge along the Onitsha-Ndoni Road.

The collapse of this bridge poses grave risks to residents and travelers who frequently navigate the river using wooden boats.”

Urgent appeals have been directed towards both the federal and Anambra state governments to promptly address this dire situation. Mr. Sule Ugboma emphasized, “I implore Governor Charles Soludo to take decisive action in alleviating the challenges faced by our community, particularly in light of the recurring flooding in Ogbaru Communities.”

Additionally, he called upon the Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC) to consider undertaking the reconstruction of the Onitsha-Ndoni Road, a critical transportation route.

“It’s important to recognize that agriculture serves as the lifeblood for communities not only in Ogbaru but also in Delta, Imo, and Rivers states,” he emphasized.

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