Flutterwave, Wema Bank Revolutionize Foreign Exchange, Launches  Digital FX Product, “Swap”

Flutterwave, in collaboration with Wema Bank and Kadavra, has unveiled “Swap,” a digital solution aimed at simplifying access to foreign exchange for Nigerians. 

This innovative product represents a significant advancement in digitizing the FX experience, providing users with a seamless digital platform.

According to Flutterwave, Swap users will receive specialized cards, offering a convenient and digitized solution for managing personal and business travel allowances.

Olugbenga Agboola, CEO of Flutterwave, expressed the company’s dedication to innovation and simplifying financial processes.

 He stated, “Swap by Flutterwave represents a significant leap forward in how Nigerians will engage with foreign exchange. 

We understand the FX access challenges individuals and businesses face, and Swap is our answer to those pain points, providing a seamless and efficient platform for currency exchange.

 We are honored to have secured regulatory approval and the trust of our partners Kadavra BDC and Wema Bank to bring this life-changing solution to Nigerians.”

Moruf Oseni, Managing Director of Wema Bank, highlighted the bank’s commitment to digital innovation and the transformative impact of products like Swap across various sectors.

Cynthia Onyinyechi, CEO of Kadavra BDC, expressed support for Swap, stating, “Swap is a step in the right direction for solving major FX problems for Nigerians.”

 This collaborative effort seeks to simplify and enhance the foreign exchange experience for Nigerians while ushering in a new era of digital access to FX services.

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