Foreign News: Festival Turns Fatal As 10 Garba Dancers Suffer Heart Attacks, Die

Israel Adeleke

The Navratri festival, a nine-night celebration of the Hindu goddess Durga, has claimed the lives of 10 people who collapsed while performing the Garba dance in Gujarat, India.

The Garba dance is a traditional folk dance that involves spinning and clapping in a circle, symbolizing the cycle of life and the womb of the goddess.

According to a local TV news channel, more than 500 ambulance calls were made in 24 hours as people felt chest pain, breathlessness, and dizziness during the dance.

The government has issued an alert and asked the organizers of Garba events to take precautionary measures such as providing ambulances, defibrillators, and CPR-trained staff at the venues.

It further revealed that doctors advised the participants to avoid dancing for long periods without taking breaks and to stay hydrated.

They also warned people with pre-existing heart conditions, diabetes, hypertension, or obesity to consult their physicians before joining the dance.

The Navratri festival, which started on October 15 and will end on October 24, is one of the most popular and colorful festivals in India.

It is especially celebrated in Gujarat, where millions of people dress up in vibrant costumes and jewelry and dance to the tunes of Garba songs.

The festival is also a time of fasting, worship, and devotion to the goddess Durga.

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