Four Die  As Mining Site Collapses In Bauchi 

Tragedy struck on Saturday, as a mining site collapsed in Yadagungume community, located in the Ningi local government area of Bauchi State, claiming  four lives.


 The victims, all artisanal miners, were tragically trapped beneath the debris while engaged in illegal mining activities, attempting to extract lead from the depths of the earth.


An eyewitness, speaking on the condition of anonymity, disclosed that the miners had been toiling away at the site for several months, focusing their efforts on extracting lead. 


However, their hopes were dashed when the earth gave way, burying them under tons of soil and rock.


The bodies of the four unfortunate miners were subsequently retrieved from the wreckage of the collapsed site, according to a confirmation provided by an official Correspondent. 


Hon. Ibrahim Zubairu, the caretaker chairman of the Ningi local government area, offered further insight into the tragedy, revealing that the victims had been ensnared within the confines of the pit before ultimately succumbing to their fate.


The ill-fated mining site, concealed within the Kogo Kadage forest and situated seven kilometers away from Yadagungume town, operated surreptitiously in defiance of bans imposed on unauthorized mining activities by the local government.


 Hon. Zubairu expressed shock at the incident, emphasizing that he had been unaware of the illicit activities transpiring within his jurisdiction.


In response to the calamity, a special committee has been established, charged with the pivotal task of curbing illegal mining operations and addressing land-related concerns. 


Furthermore, Hon. Zubairu dispatched the Burra Divisional Police Officer to oversee the supervision of mining sites, a move aimed at preventing similar tragedies in the future.


Residents were sternly cautioned against engaging in illegal mining endeavors, with the local government issuing a stern warning that transgressors would be held accountable for their actions. 


As the community grapples with this devastating loss, Hon. Zubairu extended his heartfelt condolences to the families of the deceased, offering prayers for strength in the face of this irreplaceable tragedy.

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