Four Magistrates, Court Registrar Sanctioned  Over Misconduct In Kano

Daud Olatunji 

The Kano State Judicial Service Commission has taken disciplinary actions against four magistrates and one court registrar due to alleged various misdemeanours.

 This decision was reached during the Commission’s 72nd and 73rd meetings held on June 11 and June 20, 2024, respectively.

PLATFORM TIMES reports that in the first meeting, the Commission reviewed cases against judicial officers which culminated in sanctions due to misconduct. 

It was further gathered that in the latter meeting, the Commission deliberated on petitions against Chief Magistrate Court 60, presided over by Tijjani Saleh Minjibir, and found his responses to queries unsatisfactory.

A statement issued by Baba Jibo Ibrahim, the spokesman for the Kano State Judiciary said his actions were deemed to constitute serious misconduct and judicial recklessness. 

Jibo said  Minjibir was suspended from his duties for one year, effective immediately. 

Jibo added that he has been instructed to cease all judicial activities and report to the High Court Headquarters for reassignment.

Speaking  further, Jibo  said Chief Magistrate Talatu Makama of Magistrate Court No. 29 was found guilty of gross misconduct by the Judiciary Public Complaints Committee (JPCC). 

Jono added that the  JPCC’s investigation, prompted by three separate petitions, revealed that Makama had ordered GT Bank to transfer money from a petitioner’s frozen account into her personal account, an act she admitted to. 

According to him, she exhibited judicial bias in handling cases and was found to have prematurely involved herself in a case, issuing orders before it was officially assigned to her. 

“As a result, she has been removed from the bench and relieved of all judicial duties immediately.

“Senior Magistrate Rabi Abdulkadir of Magistrate Court No. 48 faced similar scrutiny for her handling of the case between the Commissioner of Police and Abubakar Salisu. 

“The Commission found her actions to be recklessly judicial and resolved to suspend her from judicial duties for one year, instructing her to cease all activities at her court.

“Senior Registrar Abdu Nasir of the Appeals Department was investigated for misconduct. 

,The report confirmed that Nasir had misappropriated court fees by depositing them into his personal account. 

“Although he was not removed from his position, Nasir received a strong warning, and his promotion was deferred for one year.

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