Gabonese Officers Announce Regime End, Results Cancellation

In a dramatic turn of events, a group of Gabonese officers and soldiers took to the airwaves on Wednesday to declare the termination of the existing regime and the nullification of the results from the recent election. 


The announcement, aired on Gabon 24 television channel, cited the nation’s tumultuous state in institutional, political, economic, and social spheres as the driving force behind their decision.


In a statement that echoed concerns of governance instability and social disintegration, the officer, speaking on behalf of the “Committee for the Transition and Restoration of Institutions,” highlighted the failure of the general elections held on August 26, 2023, to fulfill the criteria for a fair and all-encompassing vote desired by the Gabonese people.


“The closed borders shall remain so until further notice,” the officer declared, emphasizing the immediate effects of the regime transition.


 Notably, the dissolution of various governmental bodies, including the government itself, the Senate, the National Assembly, the Constitutional Court, the Economic, Social and Environmental Council, and the Gabonese Elections Centre, sent shockwaves throughout the nation.


While urging the populace to remain composed and serene, the announcement reaffirmed Gabon’s international obligations and pledged allegiance to the homeland.


 The decision to intervene stems from a commitment to safeguarding peace and avoiding the perilous path toward chaos.


As Gabon enters uncharted territory, the nation’s destiny hangs in the balance, with citizens left to ponder the implications of the regime’s sudden end. 


The officers’ proclamation, while polarizing, raises hopes for a fresh beginning and the pursuit of happiness for the Gabonese people.


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