Ginger Farmers Count N10 Billion Losses as Mysterious Disease Ravages 2023 Harvest

The National Ginger Association of Nigeria has sounded the alarm over a significant setback in the 2023 ginger season in southern Kaduna, as a mysterious disease wreaks havoc on the region’s ginger crops.


Preliminary estimates reveal that the state’s economy has suffered a staggering loss exceeding N10 billion due to this unforeseen calamity.


Squadron Leader Nuhu Dauda (retd.), the National President of the Association, conveyed the distressing news from Kachia, Kaduna State.


He passionately appealed to both federal and state authorities to swiftly implement essential measures to contain the spread of this devastating disease and mitigate its destructive impact on ginger cultivation.


In a collaborative effort with the Non-Farmers Initiative, the National Ginger Association took a step to alleviate the plight of affected ginger farmers.

Eighteen ginger farmers in the Kachia Local Government Area of the state received a monetary boost of N50,000 each.


This initiative aims to provide some relief to those grappling with the adverse effects of the ongoing pandemic on their ginger farms.


In an  interview with journalists, Dauda further implored governmental bodies to extend palliative support to ginger farmers.


He highlighted that the current crisis has left ginger farms in the southern part of the state grappling with the pandemic’s repercussions.


Dauda also unveiled a critical obstacle hindering the international competitiveness of Nigeria’s ginger industry.

The absence of a Ginger Processing Plant has resulted in the country failing to secure competitive prices on the global market.

He emphasized the importance of establishing a processing facility to elevate the quality and packaging standards of Nigerian ginger, thereby enhancing the nation’s position in the global ginger export landscape.


Hon. Aaron Bako, Chairman of Kachia LGA, emphasized the pivotal role ginger cultivation plays in the livelihoods of the local population.

He underscored the considerable contribution of impoverished ginger farmers to Nigeria’s GDP.

Bako called upon governmental bodies to provide urgent assistance to those adversely impacted by the enigmatic disease, as their well-being and the regional economy hang in the balance.

Meanwhile, Captain Maikano Sara (retd), representing the Non-Farmers Initiative, disclosed that the financial aid of N50,000 extended to ginger farmers aims to empower them in navigating the dire circumstances brought on by the ongoing pandemic’s impact on ginger crops.

Rita Asabe, a beneficiary of the initiative, expressed gratitude on behalf of fellow recipients.

She acknowledged the significance of the gesture and earnestly implored the government to extend its support to the beleaguered ginger farming community.

The ginger farmers of southern Kaduna face an uphill battle as they confront the unprecedented challenges brought about by this mysterious disease.

The collective efforts of associations, initiatives, and governmental bodies remain crucial in their fight to recover from this economic and agricultural

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