Globalisation: Take Your Work Of Ingenuity To the World – Pelican Valley CEO Charges Students

...As JCI Honours Him With Outstanding Personality Award

An apostle of hope for the Nigerian youths, Amb. (Dr.) Babatunde Adeyemo, has charged Nigerian students to avail themselves of the many gains of globalisation by taking their ingenious products, services, and talents to the global markets and audience for maximum visibility and returns.

Adeyemo said that given the world that has been brought together so close and connected to billions of people around the world at the same time through digital technology, it is now practicable to create content, sell to the global markets, and earn money like a country selling crude oil in the international markets.

The young realtor, who is the Chief Executive Officer CEO of Pelican Valley Nigeria Limited, a foremost Nigerian real estate firm behind the Pelican Valley Estate; Pelican-Brief Estate, Pelican Ecostay Apartments, and Pelican Greenish Acres Farm Estate – all located at the Laderin – Abeokuta – Kobape corridor of Ogun State, advised on Saturday, February 24, at the Babalakin Hall, Moshood Abiola Polytechnic Abeokuta during the 40th investiture and convention ceremony of Junior Chamber International (JCI) Nigeria.

Dr. Adeyemo graced the investiture and convention on the invite of the JCI which also bestowed on him at the ceremony, an Outstanding Personality Award in recognition of his being a remarkable source of inspiration to the nation’s youths.

Speaking on the event’s theme, “Exploring the Digital Job Market Techniques For Enhancing Employability,” the real estate entrepreneur citing himself as an example, said though he operates his business in Ogun State, Southwest Nigeria, a larger percentage of his clients are Nigerians in diaspora.

Adeyemo who is an ECOWAS Youth Ambassador as well as an Ambassador of anti-corruption organisation in the country, also harped on the importance of laying a solid foundation and being consistent in every business journey to ensure success.

He further urged them to stand firm in whatever they do, affirming that once they do it well, they will get to the top and rule the world.

Adeyemo admonished the mass communication students among the JCI to showcase their content to the world, taking advantage of almost free Airtime on the social media platforms, to be fewer seekers for jobs, but creators of jobs, adding that the Mass Communication students are to be content creators, positioned to take advantage of opportunities in their course of study, nothing that they own social media, not celebrities who did not even study such school courses.

“You can take advantage of globalization to push what you do in your comfort zones. Like my company, Pelican Valley Nigeria Limited, 98% of my clients are Nigerians in the diaspora so I operate locally and sell globally, all you need to do is check out our reviews, track records, our social media platforms, and Google. You transact business with people without setting eyes on them. You just need to push whatever you do to the world.

“You need to build your foundation solid. Foundation is very important, especially when you look at our obsolete Universities and polytechnic curriculums, you have to look inwardly and take advantage of globalization. The world is in your palm as you are holding your phone, you can be here now, link up with someone who would train you on IT. There are some opportunities out there that you can take advantage of. Many foreign IT training firms can train you. You can even start working as a student”.

“If I can do it right and make things work for myself in this difficult terrain, it shows that average Nigerian youths can also do it as well. All you need is to be very consistence in all you do, once you are consistence in goodwill, you will make it”.

“If you sell your contents, you are like Nigeria which is selling crude oil. By putting your content to the world, you have refined the content. Things have changed now due to globalization. The Airtime that we then look for at TV stations then after we graduate, we now have it on TikTok, Facebook Instagram, and so on. You can do it on Facebook now; so you don’t need to go to TV stations to buy Airtime.

“For Mass Communication students who are employable, though your curriculum is not like that, even some professors cannot write a news report or presentation because everything is ‘garbage in garbage out’ and that is why the people that are progressing in the social world didn’t even have HND/Degree in Mass Communication. And you guys are made to be there. If you don’t have content, create the content and make use of the advantage of social media life; if it is very good content, it will fly. I want to implore Mass Communication students to get the content right and present it to the world gradually”.

Also, an Entrepreneur, Mr. Babatunde Denton advised the student to be very close to the usage of Google and try to be recognized with it.

He added that they should be specific in the content they do so that they can be identified with a particular content by people who will pay for their content.

In his contribution, a public speaker and creative writer, Mr. Habeeb White admonished the students to discover themselves and be creative to be distinguished amongst their contemporaries.

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