Governor Otti Dismisses Allegations Of Bankrolling  Obi’s Petition 

Daud Olatunji 

Abia State Governor, Alex Otti, has vehemently refuted claims that he is financially supporting the election petition filed by Labour Party Presidential candidate, Peter Obi. 

The denial was made in response to allegations made by the Abia Youth Interest Group, which accused Governor Otti of using state government funds for Mr. Obi’s election litigations.

Chinenye Ukaegbu, President of Abia Youth for Good Governance and a spokesperson for Governor Otti, condemned these allegations as false and malicious.

He emphasized that such baseless claims have the potential to destabilize the state and create unnecessary chaos.

Ukaegbu expressed disappointment in the Abia Youth Interest Group, stating that it was regrettable that young individuals would allow themselves to be manipulated to further an agenda that could harm Abia.

He emphasized that Governor Otti, an experienced financial expert, would never mismanage the state’s limited resources or use them for ventures that do not contribute to Abia’s development.

“The group and their sponsors are unreasonable, and we feel compelled to correct the misconceptions of unsuspecting members of the public,” Ukaegbu stated.

Furthermore, he revealed that the same group had previously disseminated false information, alleging that Governor Otti did not display President Tinubu’s portrait in Government House and claimed that he did not recognize the President.

Ukaegbu regarded these allegations as part of a misguided strategy to incite the Presidency and the President against the Governor.

However, Ukaegbu emphasized that such tactics would not succeed, as the individuals targeted are well-informed and discerning.

He pointed out that Governor Otti had made significant achievements through his rebuilding agenda, which has positively impacted various sectors of the state’s economy.

These accomplishments, according to Ukaegbu, underline Otti’s unwavering commitment to the transformation and development of Abia.

Ukaegbu concluded by affirming that Governor Otti’s election as Abia State Governor demonstrated the people’s trust in his leadership and vision for the state.

He warned against creating situations that could distract the Abia government from delivering the dividends of democracy to its citizens and pledged to resist any attempts to incite hate, violence, or destruction.

In the midst of these allegations, Governor Otti remains focused on his mission to rebuild and uplift Abia, prioritizing the welfare and progress of the state’s residents above all

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