Governor To Launch Brewery Amidst N850m Monthly Beer Spending

In a bid to stem the outflow of capital and bolster the local economy, the Benue State Government is set to inaugurate its indigenous brewery, targeting the staggering N850 million monthly expenditure on beer within the state.

Dr. Raymond Asemakaha, Managing Director of Benue Investment and Property Company, revealed the ambitious venture during a briefing with journalists in Makurdi on Tuesday. 

The brewery, along with accompanying water and bakery factories, is poised to revolutionize the region’s beverage industry.

Asemakaha emphasized the pivotal role of the brewery in halting the financial drain caused by the substantial consumption of beer, which sees millions exiting the state coffers monthly.

 The initiative seeks not only to retain capital within Benue but also to provide consumers with a high-premium, locally-produced beer, harnessing indigenous raw materials.

“With an estimated production capacity of 180,000 bottles per day and a fermentation period of 15 days, our brewery will offer a competitive edge while prioritizing affordability,” stated Asemakaha. 

However, he underscored that the venture isn’t about competition but rather about nurturing local enterprise and empowering residents.

Highlighting the commitment to sustainability, Asemakaha outlined plans to locally source raw materials, further bolstering the state’s agricultural sector. 

The brewery’s commencement of full-scale production is slated for the first week of December, with the aim of invigorating local farming initiatives through seedling distribution

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