Govt. Officials Accused of Misappropriating N6 Billion From NECO Funds

In a startling revelation, Professor Abubakar Mohammed, the former Chairman of the National Examination Council (NECO) Board, has accused government officials of misappropriating N6 billion belonging to the examination body.

 Prof. Mohammed made these allegations on Saturday during the NECO Award Ceremony held in Minna, Niger State.

Expressing his concerns, Prof. Mohammed asserted, “The government and especially some officials in the Ministry of Education are out to sabotage the indigenous examination body.

 I do not owe anyone any apology for my statement; some government officials don’t want NECO to exist.”

According to the former NECO Chairman, the alleged misappropriation revolves around the withdrawal of N6 billion from NECO’s accounts.

Shockingly, the funds have not been accounted for, and there has been no transparency regarding the utilization of this substantial amount. 

Prof. Mohammed emphasized, “The officials first withdrew the N6 billion found in the accounts of NECO. Till date, the money has not been returned, and nobody even bothered to inform us what they did with the money.”

This accusation raises serious questions about the financial management and accountability within the Ministry of Education and the government at large.

 As NECO plays a crucial role in the education system, any mismanagement of funds could have severe consequences for the examination body and the students relying on its services.

The call for transparency and accountability is now echoing within educational circles and among concerned citizens.

 Authorities are being urged to investigate these allegations promptly, and if proven true, take appropriate actions against those responsible for the misappropriation.

The NECO Award Ceremony, intended to celebrate academic excellence, has now become a platform for exposing the alleged financial irregularities plaguing the examination body. 

The outcome of any investigation into these claims will likely have far-reaching implications for the integrity of NECO and the trust placed in government institutions responsible for the education sector.

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