Govt. Seals Mortuary Allegedly Used By Murderers, Ritual Killers In Kwara

The Kwara State Government has sealed an illegal morgue, Omosebi Mortuary, stating that its activities pose serious health hazards to the community and its environs.

The mortuary is located at No. 6, 1 Gaa – Akanbi, Pipeline junction, in the Ilorin South Local Government Area of the state.

Afrika Eyes previously reported an incident involving the death of 27-year-old student Yusuf Mubarak at Nasarawa State University, Lafia. On September 16, 2023, his body was reportedly dumped at the Omosebi Mortuary without receiving proper care.

The state health commissioner, Dr Amina Ahmed El-Imam, the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Health, Dr Abubakar Ayinla, and the Director of Medical Service and Training, Dr Musiluyu Odunaiya, sealed the mortuary on Thursday, February 15, 2024.

Dr. El-Imam stated that the step was taken to deter other members of the public from engaging in such acts and ensure that they desist from such illegality.

She added that the mortuary did not have government approval.

While speaking with Afrika Eyes, she said, “We were here last year, October 9, 2023, and when we came and sealed the premises, we saw for ourselves that they have an utter disregard for human dignity, the risk to life, and public health that this place poses to our people in Kwara State.”

She added that the place was sealed, and they were not considering opening it in its current state.

She said, “We received reports of illegal activities concerning the handling of remains of residents of Kwara State, and we promptly took action.

“We came here and verified it for ourselves, and it is not a licensed mortuary. They have no permission or right to be handling the remains of our citizens.

“We immediately sealed the premises and called them for a discussion. While we were still working out the way to proceed, they apparently came and removed the government seal, which itself was an offence; they continued their activities, which was unfortunate.”

“We received information indicating that they have resumed operations illegally. We are here today to implement extensive, multifaceted approaches to ensure that this kind of illegality does not persist, not only in this facility but throughout the state,” she added.

Dr. El-Imam said the government would not condone “quackery or undignified handling of people’s remains.”

She also said that the state government would not tolerate anything that would jeopardize the health of the people in the state.

The commissioner further explained that they were collaborating with the Nigerian police and the Ministry of Justice.

According to her, the state government will expedite action and ensure that the full weight of the law is brought to bear in the situation.

She emphasized that the Kwara State Government has zero tolerance for such impunity and outright disregard for the rule of law.

Meanwhile, a source told Afrika Eyes that Oloba Maroof Adebayo Afolayan, the Chief Executive Officer of Almaroof standard Investment, who was allegedly involved in the killing of his friend Mustapha Balogun for ritual purposes, also disposed of the deceased’s body at Omosebi Mortuary.

The source said, “Many powerful people, including some security operatives, are secretly using that mortuary as a dumping site whenever they kill their victims.It is business as usual.”

He said there’s a possibility that they’re using the mortuary for organ harvesting, and the government needs to investigate and arrest the perpetrators.

Another source from the Ministry of Health told Afrika Eyes correspondent that when the mortuary was sealed last October, many stakeholders, including a professor, began calling for a reconsideration of the decision to seal the premises.

He added that the owner of the “illegal mortuary went behind, opened it, and commenced his illegal business.”

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