Govt. Urges CDCs To Fight Slums In Ogun Communities 

The Ministry of Physical Planning and Urban Development in Ogun State has called   upon Community Development Committees (CDCs) to play a pivotal role in preserving the future integrity of their localities by preventing unauthorized constructions that might lead to the emergence of slums.


The Permanent Secretary of the Ministry, Engr. Olayiwola Abiodun, emphasized this during a sensitization campaign held for the Ilupeju Oke-Odo West Area Community Development Committee.


 He stressed that the proliferation of slums can significantly devalue properties within a community.


Representing the Permanent Secretary was the Director of Urban Development, TPL. Rufus Talabi, who underscored the benefits of constructing buildings in accordance with government approvals, highlighting that this approach is ultimately advantageous for community members.


Furthermore, the Ministry assured that it will continue to raise awareness among communities about the advantages of adhering to the regulations governing construction practices and obtaining the necessary building permits.


Addressing the audience, the Acting General Manager of the Ogun State Planning and Development Permit Authority (OGPDPA), TPL. Idowu James, elucidated the advantages of securing building approvals. 


These advantages encompass access to government resources for addressing issues such as drainage rerouting, road accessibility improvement, and eligibility for compensation in instances of government-led infrastructure expansion or other physical development projects.


TPL. Idowu James urged CDC members to act as the eyes and ears of the government in preventing inappropriate developments within their respective regions. 


He emphasized that petitioners seeking government intervention would be required to present valid building approvals, as these documents outline the specifications for roads and drainage systems that necessitate intervention.


In addition, James encouraged individuals to approach the OGPDPA headquarters and 22 Zonal Offices for assessment of building approvals, inquiries about associated fees, approval costs, and the regularization of pertinent documents.


Offering her perspective, TPL. Felicia Aleburu, Head of the Department of Development, Research, and Records, highlighted the significance of the sensitization initiative. 


She described it as a means to educate the public about their rights and responsibilities as property owners in the community, enabling them to navigate government assistance when required.


Acknowledging the government’s efforts on behalf of the 51 Community Development Committees under his jurisdiction, Alhaji Isiaka Ogunmuyiwa, Chairman of the Ilupeju Oke Odo West ACDC, expressed gratitude for the government’s commitment to engaging with the local populace.


 He affirmed that this newfound awareness has instilled confidence in them to approach the relevant authorities to regularize their documents, thereby allowing them to fully partake in the benefits of democratic governance.

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