Grace Finds Man As Court Orders Bail After Finding Him Guilty Of Theft

Fawaz Adebisi

Grace has found a man, Abdurahmon Jimoh, in the Isabo High Court, Abeokuta, as he was granted bail even after being found guilty of theft.

Jimoh appeared in court on Tuesday for allegedly stealing a Bajaj Motorcycle.

He was said to be riding the motorcycle without a license plate, which sparked suspicion and led to his arrest.

After observation, it was gathered that he was arrested on the 19th of August 2023, at Ifesowapo, Aiyetoro town, Ogun State.

When asked if he was guilty of stealing the motorcycle, he pleaded guilty to the charges read before him.

The court was therefore about to convict Jimoh when a lawyer, Clarkson O Adebayo, who was present for another case, pleaded with the court on his behalf to administer justice with mercy.

In response, the court gave Barrister Adebayo a condition for returning Jimoh back to his hometown, Saki, Ibadan, a condition to which he agreed.

The defendant had earlier explained that the reason for his action was that he wanted to return home badly.

He said that he had only his mother at home, as his father had died long ago, stressing that he wanted to go back to his mother.

The court therefore granted the defendant bail on this condition and promised to sentence him to 5 years in jail if he was found in the area or brought to court for a similar case.

Speaking with Barrister Adebayo, he explained that what he did is part of his duty as a legal practitioner who wants to stand up for people.

In his words, the defendant had no family member who could secure a lawyer or anybody to stand in for him.

“I had to do it, if not for him, then for the sake of the legal profession because we are seen as ministers in the temple of justice, and we should be able to render help to those who can’t help themselves. So, I had to stand in for him.

“And one of the goals of my profession is to help the indigent,” he said.

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