Guinness World Record  :  Ibadan Businesswoman To Begin 300-Hour Herbal Cooking Marathon

By Israel Adeleke

Eniola Fagbemi, widely known as Sisialagbo, a businesswoman based in Ibadan, is set to embark on a groundbreaking challenge to cook traditional herbs, known as Agbo, continuously for 300 hours, with the aim of breaking a Guinness World Record.

The announcement was made on Eniola’s Facebook page, where she shared her passion for herbal products and her dedication to the ‘Agbo-A-Thon’ challenge, for which she has secured approval from the Guinness World Record team.

Agbo, a popular traditional herbal drink in Nigeria, is renowned for its various health benefits. 

Eniola, who specializes in selling fertility packages crafted from natural herbs and plants, asserts that her Agbo has played a crucial role in helping numerous women conceive, even after years of infertility.

In a recent post, she celebrated a customer who, after a decade of infertility, gave birth to a baby boy, attributing the success to her major fertility package. Eniola expressed gratitude, stating, “God na you do this one. My hands are blessed.”

While not specifying the exact date or venue for the ‘Agbo-A-Thon,’ Eniola shared that she has received support and prayers from prominent figures, including the governor of her state, her village king, and various bloggers who have been actively promoting her project.

“I got a phone call from the governor of my state; his excellency prayed for me. My village king has also called me and wished me well. Different bloggers are also trending my AGBO A THON,” she remarked.

Eniola believes that her record-breaking attempt will showcase the potency of Nigeria’s natural herbs and plants to the international community. 

She emphasized that her journey is a beautiful story that will instill more belief in the effectiveness of these traditional remedies.

Expressing confidence and excitement about the upcoming challenge, Eniola called on her followers to wish her well as she prepares to make history with the ‘Agbo-A-Thon.’


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