Heavy Downpour Paralyzes Lagos-Badagry Expressway, Stranding Commuters,Vehicles

A torrential morning downpour wreaked havoc on the Lagos-Badagry Expressway, causing a major traffic standstill and distress for hundreds of commuters heading to Mile 2 on Saturday. 

The deluge resulted in flooding that blocked the crucial trade fair and Abule-Ado sections of the expressway, severely disrupting the flow of traffic.

The relentless rain, which began at 5:00 a.m. and persisted for hours, created a grim scene as passengers and motorists found themselves stranded. 

With the trade fair axis submerged, many commuters were left with no choice but to disembark from their vehicles and resort to trekking from Abule-Ado to Barracks in Ojo.

In the midst of the chaos, frustrated passengers and motorists appealed to the Lagos State Government for urgent action.

 They called for the immediate clearance of drainage systems to prevent future flood incidents.

Mrs. Ibironke Adegboyega, a trader hailing from Ebute-Aro, Lagos Island, shared her plight, stating that the flood had prevented her from opening her shop. 

She described the expressway as completely blocked, with some vehicles trapped in the floodwaters. 

The root of the problem, according to her, lies in the drainage, which is clogged with plastics and nylon, hindering the flow of water.

 She implored the Lagos government to fulfill its responsibility by clearing the drainage and educating traders against indiscriminate refuse dumping.

Passenger Mr. Toyosi Stephen attributed the blockage of the expressway to the construction approach employed by the contractor handling the project. 

He pointed out that the stretch from Abule-Ado to the Trade fair axis was dangerously sloped, causing water to accumulate beneath the bridge. 

This topography, he noted, compounded the problem when combined with water flowing down from Barracks towards the Trade fair area. 

He called for government intervention to rectify the issue, emphasizing the need for consistent drainage maintenance.

Meanwhile, bus conductor Mr. Mutiu Suru remained hopeful that the floodwaters would recede once the rain subsided.

 He reassured commuters that, in due time, vehicles would regain their freedom to traverse the expressway.

 His advice to fellow travelers was to exercise patience and remain composed in their vehicles.

The impact of the deluge was not limited to the expressway alone; it also affected various communities in Badagry, including Mowo, Ikoga, Ansarudeen, Ajara-Vetho, Aghelaso, and Zogakome areas, compounding the challenges faced by residents in the region.

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