Herdsmen Urge Government Aid Amid Fuel Subsidy Removal

The Miyetti Allah Association, representing herdsmen, has issued a plea to both federal and state governments for assistance in the form of palliatives to alleviate the hardships resulting from the recent removal of the fuel subsidy.

Alhaji Bello Abubakar, Chairman of the Kwara Chapter of the association, emphasized the significant impact on herders during this challenging period, citing their limited access to banking services, which hampers their ability to access funds promptly.

Abubakar further highlighted the financial burden of transportation costs when herders take their livestock to market, which eats into their earnings. 

He expressed deep concern about the escalating prices of food items in the market and urged the government to release food reserves at subsidized rates for ordinary Nigerians.

In addition to economic relief, the Fulani leader called on the government to provide vaccines to safeguard the health of livestock from potential diseases, emphasizing the importance of maintaining a healthy herd.

Abubakar also issued a warning to criminal elements within the Fulani community, urging them to abandon unlawful activities for their own benefit.

 He advised both herders and farmers to pursue dialogue as a means to resolve disputes and promote peaceful coexistence within their communities.


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