High Commissioner To UK, Sarafa Isola Asks Nigerian Judges To Embrace Technology

Nigeria’s High Commissioner to the UK,Ambassador Sarafa Tunji Isola,OFR, has advocated for the infusion of technology into the Nigerian judicial landscape.

Isola gave the charge recently in his address at the commencement of training for Federal High Court Judges in London on July 31, 2023.

He emphasized the pivotal role of technology in 21st century legal proceedings.

Ambassador Isola underscored the transformative impact of technology on global judiciaries, highlighting its ability to expedite justice delivery.

He unequivocally endorsed its integration into the Nigerian justice system, urging judges to adopt technological advancements.

In his speech titled “The Role Of Technology In The 21st Century Adjudication And The Place Of The Federal High Court In The Integrity Of Conventional And Virtual Economy,” Ambassador Isola urged the Federal High Courts to embrace technology wholeheartedly.

His recommendations included the encouragement of e-filings and online services, leveraging video conferencing applications, and even developing bespoke software for virtual proceedings.

He submitted that by doing this, unnecessary delays stemming from witness absences could be eradicated.

Ambassador also Isola highlighted that technological innovations such as smart court recorders could alleviate the burdens placed on judges, who often transcribe proceedings manually.

As the world becomes increasingly technology-driven, the Court’s integration of digital tools becomes imperative, especially with the surge of online business activities.

Addressing the need for skill enhancement among judicial officers, Ambassador Isola emphasized the necessity of aligning the judiciary with rapid technological advancements.

He stressed that an efficient justice system bolsters contract enforcement, thereby fostering market confidence and economic growth.

To propel the Federal High Court’s role as a catalyst for Nigeria’s economic prosperity, Ambassador Isola urged comprehensive amendments to procedural rules.

He recommended discarding outdated regulations that impede efficient justice delivery and contribute to case delays. Drawing inspiration from established international practices, he called for a strategic overhaul.

The ambassador also advocated for credible, competent, and ethical court officials, and urged the leadership of the judiciary to amend the Constitution to counter unnecessary procedural delays.

Aligning judicial resources with case density and discouraging frivolous litigation were additional vital steps in his vision for a reformed Nigerian judiciary.

Ambassador Isola concluded with optimism, expressing confidence in President Ahmed Bola Tinubu’s commitment to judiciary reforms.

Drawing from Tinubu’s impactful governance during his tenure as Lagos State’s governor, Ambassador Isola envisioned a future of collaborative efforts yielding a judiciary that thrives on technology, integrity, and efficient performance.

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