House of Representatives Considers Bill To Extend Retirement Age For Health Workers, Federal Employees To 65

Daud Olatunji

The Chairman of the House Committee on Health, Dr. Amos Magaji, has  revealed that a bill proposing an extension of the retirement age for health workers and other federal government employees is currently under consideration by the House of Representatives.

Head, Public Relations and  Information of the centre, Segun Orisajo Ina staement issued on Wednesday, said Mogaji said  this during  a recent visit to  the Federal Medical Centre, Idi-Aba, Abeokuta.

Mogaji added that the  bill aims to raise the retirement age from 60 to 65 years, aligning with the recent extension granted to teachers in the country.

Magaji emphasized the necessity of this extension, pointing out that many Nigerians begin their careers at the age of 40 and still exhibit vitality and eagerness to contribute to national development at the age of 60.

The Chairman highlighted the significance of this proposal in the context of the prevalent “Japa” syndrome, which has led to a brain drain in the health sector.

Dr. Magaji stressed the importance of retaining experienced professionals in healthcare and acknowledged the need to address remuneration and welfare issues for all health workers.

“We are not only looking at extending the retirement age but also at how to improve the remuneration and welfare of Nigerian health workers,” stated Dr. Magaji.

He expressed his committee’s commitment to ensuring that all healthcare professionals, not just doctors and nurses, can work effectively while providing for their families.

Commending the Federal Medical Centre’s management for their judicious use of allocated funds, Dr. Magaji praised the institution’s accomplishments in the face of numerous constraints.

He emphasized that institutions demonstrating efficient resource utilization should be supported by the government.

The proposed bill reflects a broader effort to adapt retirement policies to the changing dynamics of the workforce, recognizing the valuable contributions of experienced professionals in various sectors, particularly in healthcare.


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