Household Of Love Foundation Hosts Heartwarming Christmas Party At Motherless Babies Home

In the spirit of Christmas, Household of Love Foundation, led by Mrs. Titilola Akinlawon, a distinguished litigator, organised a joyous Christmas party at the Motherless Babies Homes in Asero Abeokuta.

 Mrs. Akinlawon, driven by a deep sense of compassion, expressed her belief that the festive season is not just about indulging in excess but an opportunity to spread love and kindness to those in need.

Founded two years ago, the Household of Love Foundation aims to be a haven for street boys, providing them with rehabilitation, education, and vocational training to empower them to become valuable contributors to society. 

Mrs. Akinlawon highlighted the foundation’s commitment to nurturing the less privileged, steering them away from negative influences, and fostering a positive impact on the community.

“I have the impression that during Christmas, we overeat. I told myself that instead of indulging in excess, why not share the joy of food with those who need it,” Mrs. Akinlawon remarked, emphasising  the true essence of Christmas as a celebration of love and generosity.

The foundation, though officially incorporated two years ago, has been actively functioning even before its formal establishment. 

Mrs. Akinlawon proudly shared the positive impact the foundation has had on numerous lives.

Several individuals, once on the streets, have been sent to school, with success stories including a graduate in law from Babcock University. 

Mrs. Akinlawon said she  has personally adopted him as a son, showcasing the familial bonds created through the foundation’s work.

Reflecting on the broader impact, Mrs. Akinlawon acknowledged the potential pitfalls of unattended street children. 

“When parents are not there, the children  will join bad gangs; they will do all sorts. Mothers, particularly, have a responsibility. God gave us the roles to nurture our children, ensuring they become our future.”

The litigator stressed the urgency of addressing the plight of untrained street children, recognizing the potential long-term consequences on society. 

“These children on the streets, if not trained, will become problems to our children that we have nurtured. I take it as a serious responsibility that somebody must do something,” Mrs. Akinlawon passionately asserted.

As the Christmas party unfolded at the Motherless Babies Homes, the atmosphere was filled with joy, laughter, and a sense of camaraderie. 

The foundation’s dedication to transforming lives and spreading love during the festive season showcased the true spirit of Christmas in Asero Abeokuta.

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