Housewife Kills Self In Front Of Police Station, Leaving Three Children In Enugu

In a devastating turn of events, an unidentified woman and mother of three young children in Enugu State have reportedly committed suicide in front of Ogui Police Station.

 The heartbreaking incident unfolded last weekend, marking a tragic end to a life overshadowed by financial difficulties and the husband’s departure.

It is reported that the woman, suspected to be battling depression, took a drastic step by running into a moving vehicle, resulting in her instantaneous death.

 This desperate act followed her husband’s departure, leaving her and their three children in the throes of economic hardship.

The woman’s identity remains unknown, and the circumstances surrounding her mental health issues add an additional layer of mystery to the tragic event. 

Witnesses shared that she dropped her three young children at the police station, disrobed, and ran naked into the path of the oncoming vehicle.

When questioned about their father, the eldest child could only express that their father had “gotten lost.” 

Unfortunately, no further information about their family, town, or residential address could be provided, according to a police source.

In response to this harrowing situation, Mrs. Nkechinyere Mbah, the wife of Enugu State governor, extended a compassionate hand. 

During an unscheduled visit to Ogui Police Station, she announced a sponsorship of a scholarship for the three siblings, all under the age of seven, who found themselves orphaned due to mysterious circumstances.

Expressing deep sympathy for the family’s tragic loss, Mrs. Mbah pledged to personally take care of the children and support their education from Nursery school to University level. 

The governor’s wife also directed the immediate relocation of the children from the police station to a secure home, where the state government will oversee their well-being.

In light of this heartbreaking incident, Mrs. Mbah took the opportunity to emphasize the importance of seeking help and counseling for those experiencing depression.

 Urging individuals to avoid drastic decisions, she called upon the Commissioner for the Ministry of Children, Gender, and Social Development, Mrs. Ngozi Enih, to intensify sensitization and counseling efforts, especially for those dealing with depression, to help them navigate through challenging situations.

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