How Luggage Issues Prevented Me From Taking Ill-Fated Flight — Wigwe’s PA

In a compelling and heart-wrenching account, Simon Faleye, the Personal Assistant to the late Herbert Wigwe, shares the extraordinary circumstances that spared him from the fatal helicopter crash that claimed the lives of his boss, Wigwe, his wife, son, and business associate, Abimbola Ogunbajo. 

The focus of this story revolves around Faleye’s pivotal decision regarding luggage, a choice that ultimately changed the course of his destiny.

Speaking at the Night of Tributes on Wednesday night, Faleye began by expressing his grief and offering heartfelt eulogies for Wigwe.

 He then delved into the critical moment when his life took an unexpected turn.

Initially scheduled to fly in the ill-fated chopper, Faleye disclosed that he opted to accompany their luggage by road when it became apparent that the helicopter could not accommodate it. 

Wigwe, recognizing the practicality of the decision, nodded in approval, applauding Faleye’s ingenuity.

As Faleye embarked on the road journey to Vegas with the luggage, Wigwe, his wife, son, and Mr. Ogunbajo boarded the chopper to the same destination. 

During the journey, Faleye attempted to contact them, but his calls went unanswered.

Recalling the events leading up to the tragedy, Faleye shared an interaction with Mr. Bimbo, who expressed a desire to join the journey. 

Faleye warned him about the unpredictable nature of his boss’s travel plans, emphasizing potential diversions. 

Despite Faleye’s efforts to dissuade him, Mr. Bimbo chose to wait for their return.

The journey took them from London to Palm Springs, and during the flight, Faleye approached Wigwe, expressing his apprehension about flying a chopper at night. 

Wigwe reassured him, stating that in America, they have navigation systems for night flights.

A pivotal moment arose as the luggages were being loaded. Faleye contemplated the logistics of flying in the chopper while waiting for the luggage to arrive several hours later.

 In a swift and fateful decision, he proposed riding separately with the luggage to ensure a secure and timely delivery. 

Wigwe endorsed the idea, deeming it brilliant, and wished him a safe journey.

This intricate tale unfolds the chain of events that saved Faleye’s life, highlighting the significance of a seemingly routine decision about luggage.


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