Hunter  Shot Dead  During Search For Kidnappers In Edo

Tragedy struck on Tuesday as a hunter, Suru Abanta, popularly known as Odonkoro, lost his life to gunfire while actively participating in a search for kidnappers in Edo State.


 The incident occured  in the Ufa area of Igarra in Akoko-Edo local government.


The unfortunate event took place as Abanta, along with his fellow colleagues and local vigilante group members, embarked on a mission to comb the expansive forest surrounding Igarra and its adjoining communities. 


Their purpose was to locate a group of suspected kidnappers and rescue potential victims from their clutches.


Edo State has been grappling with an alarming resurgence of kidnapping incidents, with the most recent occurrence involving the abduction of five individuals within a span of two days along Farm Road in Igarra. 


Although one victim was subsequently released after an undisclosed ransom was paid, the escalating situation prompted proactive efforts by the local vigilante group.


A witness, who requested anonymity, shared a harrowing account of the fatal encounter. 


According to the witness, the suspected kidnappers spotted the group first and immediately opened fire, resulting in the tragic death of Abanta. 


The witness recounted that the vigilant group had divided into two teams, advancing in different directions. 


Unbeknownst to them, the kidnappers had detected their presence. As they attempted to reposition themselves, the kidnappers launched a fatal attack. Swift action from colleagues who heard the gunshots forced the kidnappers to flee the scene in haste.


Upon further investigation, the vigilante group stumbled upon the kidnappers’ camp, revealing a cache of items including a battery-depleted phone, a sim card, and various cooked and raw food items.


In a noteworthy development, a suspected kidnapper, yet to be identified, was apprehended by vigilant members of the community. 


The individual’s arrest was carried out on Wednesday, after he was caught posing as a commuter along the Igarra–Ibillo road. Subsequently, he was handed over to the local law enforcement authorities.


The incident underscores the escalating security challenges faced by Edo State and the courageous efforts of community members and vigilante groups striving to curb the menace of kidnapping within their region.


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