I Can’t Give Order To Govs On Distribution Of Palliatives – Tinubu

President Bola  Tinubu has expressed his stance that he lacks the authority to mandate state governors on the allocation of distribution of palliatives provided by the Federal Government to alleviate the impacts of fuel subsidy removal.


 This statement came as a response to appeals from Islamic scholars urging the Federal Government to oversee the allocation of palliatives to states.


President Tinubu, while acknowledging the concerns raised by Islamic scholars, underscored the importance of local governance and proximity to the populace. 


He added that in a move to respect the autonomy of state governments,it is not within his purview to issue directives to states, as they are better positioned to understand the specific needs and dynamics of their communities.


Addressing the distribution process, President Tinubu emphasized the significance of transparency and accountability in the management of palliatives. 


He implored state administrations to ensure that the resources are fairly and responsibly allocated, considering the urgent requirement to alleviate the financial strain caused by the fuel subsidy removal.


“The people reside in the States. Even if I set up a panel, I will have to go through the governors and the local governments. 


We will continue to talk to the governors. Nigerians must hold them accountable,” President Tinubu affirmed.


Reflecting on the constitutional democracy of Nigeria, President Tinubu voiced his understanding of the separation of powers between the federal and state levels.


 He highlighted that the role of a president does not encompass commanding state-level actions, but rather, it involves fostering dialogue and collaboration to ensure effective governance.


“It’s unheard of that in a constitutional democracy; a president will sit here and give orders to States. I can only appeal to them to implement. 


“The people reside in the states, and if the Governor is not doing well, the people must vote them out,” he concluded.


As the nation grapples with the implications of subsidy removal, President Tinubu’s call for responsible governance resonates with the ongoing need for transparent and people-centric management of resources at both the federal and state levels.


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